Wednesday, April 16, 2014

And I hooked the Corporate Bouncer....

"And he has picked the gap perfectly...almost bisected it and the ball wins the race"- Romit broadcast-ed. His voice almost echoed through the desolate canteen; yes he had just about started rehearsing before the big match.
"Calm down, we have everything under control dude"- I tried to 'console' him..but in vain. He had already created a scene out there. 

Things haven't changed over the year, even the switch in organisation hasn't managed to curb his instincts. I still remember boss' concern over his performance at this time of the year, it was nearly impossible to hold him back in his seat during the live T20 matches. Regular threats including those of 'poor rating' or 'no bonus' won't dent into his cricket-obsession. The management once decided to impose restrictions on the broadcasting of live matches in office just to insinuate a couple of flinty emails from the employees; the message was very clear, it's a non-cooperation movement...a movement to safeguard "cricketing interests".

Cricket Fanaticism: My nth visit to the hub of 'cricketing passion', the Eden Gardens....
The quandary touched newer heights of zealotry during IPL; especially for the double headers...the question was, how to draw a collaboration between the mutually opposing forces- work and cricket. The solution that transpired was comical in a way, but the impact was laudatory. A short and crisp group mail was shot to the office admin, the mail that brought about a revolution of sorts; "It had to fetch 'right' results"-as Romit proclaimed. We took a "calculated risk" ....the risk that could yield rich dividends.

"Dear Admin,
This is to inform you that according to the Rickburn Heath Survey and Recommendations chart, the ideal lunch hours should commence at 3:30 PM. We would like to request you to postpone the lunch time by a couple of hours at least for a month..."

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