Monday, February 10, 2014

So what's your strategy?

"Okay! What was your CAT percentile?" - And I lost a friend there. He un-followed me twitter, unfriend-ed me on Facebook. It's okay dude...getting a 91 percentile isn't bad at all...but then it's not good enough to secure the elusive 'A-B-C Berth' and of course that, my friend, is the "End of the world".

"So what's your course duration?" - And the result was pretty much the same. She was pursuing a P.H.D course on Genetics from the Calcutta University. She was in her fifth year by then and was still unsure of the wind-up.

"Hey bro, are the scholarships good enough to sustain....." - Well, I was cut short this time around. The answer was pretty much evident, the Indian institutes have failed to appease the research graduates.

"So the internships were lucrative enough?" - Oh wow, the first real positive answer...and that too from a non-IIT-ian and a non-IIM-ite.
"They developed my skill-sets...that's all you need to be a good manager, believe me"- He asserted.

"Which business school?"- I catechized.

"London Business School...London Experience, World Impact...."- His voice resounded through the deserted corridor.

"Amazing faculty, scholarships, one to one correspondence, reviews, market analysis, creating an 'industry interface', defining career milestones, inviting veterans, indulging in real-life case studies and of course, you see, I'm right now working in my home-town as well...what else do you want? ....."- He continued, he paused for a if in retrospection..."So what's your strategy, my friend?" 

"EXACTLY" - I proclaimed....Voila! "Leadership and Strategy" it is.. "GMAT is the 'gateway to benediction'- He chuckled.

That's my destination: Images courtesy
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