Thursday, February 27, 2014

3 Attributes that I like about Sachin Tendulkar

Ah, know what, quantifying the legendary Sachin Tendulkar with 3 possible attributes is literally impervious...he is almost like an encyclopedia, and constructing  a triangle of "virtues" is literally insurmountable.

Well, then, let's make an attempt though, the Mission impossible so as to say:

1. Humility: Well, honestly speaking Sachin is an "icon" in so many respects...and the reason why I say this? He is "benevolence personified"...Well, you would all know....his farewell speech did touch all the cricket lovers to the core, he is a glowing epitome indeed.

2. The fighter instinct: Oh dear...the way he fought against the critics with his willow is simply amicable; he was bogged down with the tennis elbow which did restrain his moves...he still fought along and came back strongly. We all remember how he scored a century against Kenya in the World cup, immediately after his father's 

3. His unquenchable thirst: With a century of international centuries under his belt, his focus has still been undaunted; I could see that killer instinct in his eyes every time he stepped on to the pitch, he judged the deliveries on merit and cling-ed on to every possible loose delivery. Complacency was never a part of his game...he has never been "bogged" down by any bowler, he has always been right "up there"...

*This post has been written as a part of the new Aviva 2014 campaign.

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