Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's All About Shoes: PDA (S)

Well, there's this typical saying that "A new pair of shoes can solve your is-shoes" ....I'm a firm believer in the principle folks & without wasting any more words let me indulge in a bit of PDA-S (Public Display of Affection for Shoes). Honestly speaking, I love to flaunt them & this blog-post is just a small demonstration. I would love to connect to like-minded people ;)

It's all about shoes: This colorful footwear was gifted by Burrp as the reviewer-of-the-year-award..
It's all about shoes: The wonderful collectible again, I adore it!
It's all about shoes: Yo! My first Reebook Zig-Tech..this is quite a prized possession my friend..
It's all about shoes: My first pair of Woodland boots, it is in short, sheer toughness personified...
It's all about shoes: My first pair of Woodland boots, my beloved trekking partner since 2010
It's all about shoes: Yo, times change, but some things never do. Love for Bata sandals still exists.
It's all about shoes:  My second Reebok Zig-Tech, looks similar to the first one and my beloved.
It's all about shoes:  My second Woodland hunter boot, again,  gifted by the brand itself...
It's all about shoes:  My second Woodland hunter boot, perfect treat to the explorer instinct.
It's all about shoes:  Alright, this the Puma snow-white dazzler, my morning-walk mate..
It's all about shoes:  The Funky Puma Greens, ahan, my weekend-ramble partner forever..
It's all about shoes:  The much coveted PUMA Red boots that made it's debut in IPL 2012. 
It's all about shoes:  I simply love my PUMA Red Boots..
It's all about shoes: Reebok India gifted me this dazzler for my Fl exercise video!
It's all about shoes: There's a history behind this cut it short, PUMA was my Santa this year
All the photographs used in this blog have been clicked through my lens and should not be copied / reproduced in any form without my permission. Wishing all the readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year  © Sammya Brata Photography

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