Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Perfect Focus....

"I think 'that' is how I manage to ensure the perfect focus alright"- I professed.

We were pretty much in the mood alright; discussing on those "hidden angles", those cryptic modes of operation and of course, the post processing woes...the subject, being portrait shoot.

" sure you specifically need to focus on 'them'? What about this shot? EXIF please?" - She looked disconcerted as she turned the laptop to view those shots.

"Are you sure, this is the way? Yeah I do understand that perhaps through the viewfinder, you are targeting those 'fringes'...but don't you think it's a very crude way of explaining?"- Yes, you got it right....she didn't find the 'logic' convincing enough. Women never do.

"Well, you have to set a pin pointed focus, right? That is why I find it very difficult to click a female portfolio, I have told this to anybody....but I honestly do :D" - I tried to sound plausible alright.

"But, there is this portrait mode alright, you can even switch to the AV mode and perhaps adjust the aperture to enhance clarity? Maybe the 'reasonably-priced' 50 mm lens could help in improving clarity?" - She did make a desperate attempt challenge my POV. Alas.

"Show me your camera...right now"- I had to do this...I had to prove a point..."Let me see your shots" ..and I snatched her EOS 600D in a flash.

She tried to stop me, but in vain...I was already shuffling through an array of mis-focused male portraits.

"Any explanation for these?" - I catechized.

"Ahhh.....Errr.....It's just....." - She hid her face ".....His....His clean shaved look had bowled me (and my focus) over..."

This is my ninth post as a part of the Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity (P.A.U.S.) in association with BlogAddaThis post is a response to Aditya's tag on his blog post entry "We Can, But With Beard, We Can't"  !

* I would like to tag 5 bloggers out here and invite them to express their view on the P.A.S.S. movement through their individual blog posts (post length 200-300 words). They are TitasPriyanka , AdityaBiswa and Preeti Sarkar . Guys, do let me know your views. You can read my first seven posts right here ScrewedSnappedParadoxBarbaadi. com , The Golden Duck , The Concert, The Christmas Debacle and It is a Small World. Cheers!!!

* The cartoons and illustrations have been created by me and shouldn't be copied or reproduced without permission...please click on the individual pictures for a better view of the text associated in the speech bubbles.

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