Friday, December 6, 2013

It is a Small World.....

" you are here now eh!!......."; The cold blooded creature on the other side of the table greeted me in style.

It is a really really small world....

And it comprises of such a circular path...the journey that begins on it's circumference might retrace it's path without postulates.

"Yes..." I hesitantly replied...."But how did you land up here? I thought it was a competit......".

I had to check the flow; the diabolical creature had already raised her hands, signalling me to halt. Yes, the vicious Ex Boss, Mrs X.

"I hope you are aware of the fact that things come around in circles...especially in the Big 4 arena?!"- She exclaimed. Bosses do have a premonition syndrome...."You shouldn't have resigned"....and she continued.

"You know very well...why...."- Damn, I was interrupted midway once again. It was ridiculous really; we were never in a relationship after-all....

"No I don't...And I guess, you should be obliged that I persisted with you irrespective of the fact that you went into that big shot client review meeting with your so-called rock-star look, your rancid stubble sent in a negative vibe before the presentation actually began..."- She asserted, infuriated perhaps. But how does it really matter? I wasn't a part of the organization anymore; neither was she.

"Alright, I think I should leave....this interview's over I guess"- I was literally distraught at this paltry session of noxious reminiscence.

"WAIT! It's a new day...a new company...I think it's time to rebuild"- Now that was a surprise....."I can see from your guise, you look like a consultant now, you look 'neat'..", she professed.

"WHAT?" - It was a 440 Volt shocker.....Unbelievable!! My clean shaven look, actually bowled her over ?! ?! ?! ?! ?! ?!

These are the salient points: Yeah Yeah....whatever they mean....

* This is my first post as a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity (P.A.S.S.) in association with BlogAdda.

* I would like to tag 5 bloggers out here and invite them to express their view on the P.A.S.S. movement through their individual blog posts (post length 200-300 words). They are Anita , Shankar, Titas, Biswa and Karan . Guys, do let me know your views.

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