Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Covering the Epic Yo Ga (Ga) Show....

Well yes of course…I know that a thin & sleek piece of shiny metal embedded in the pile of documents that you’re carrying right now has a touch of finesse attached to it…it is one of the latest technological revelations that not only caters perfectly to the aspect of motility, but forms an intrinsic aspect of your entire vestment. Yes, I know that the readers are too intelligent these days…the good old “Guess the personality” rules have almost like vanished, absconded for good it seems…but then before I actually dig deep into the main course, let’s enhance the appetite. I have a set of 10 questions for you to answer. Game? So here they go….

  1. Are you the one who believes that back pain is just another sophisticated disease?
  2. Are you the one who pays a good three thousand bucks to extend the laptop warranty?
  3. Are you the one who waits impatiently for “earning” the desktop control, cursing your son for that extra hour of social networking?
  4. Are you the one who rushes back from the workshop to the cabin just because the share-market’s going through a woeful turmoil?
  5. Are you the one who’s fed of fabricating excuses to the client just because you cannot switch on your laptop in a jam-packed public bus?
  6. Are you the one who searches frantically for the horoscope related updates in the daily newspaper?
  7. Are you the one who has given in to the “wife-would-always-control-the-remote” principle?
  8. Are you the one who waits at the doctor’s chamber, almost nonchalantly for hours?
  9. Are you the one who never makes use of the online payment option?
  10. Are you the one who creeps and peeps into the others’ gadgets, as if it’s something “out-of-the-mundane-limits”?

Yes of course, you can relate to some of these scenario’s….I bet you can…anyway…that’s all from my side with respect to this post is concerned, let us hear from the horse’s oops tab’s mouth. Mr. Yo ga (ga) Tablet, the stage is all yours. *Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hand together for the one and only..... Mr Straightforward, Yo Ga (ga) tablet...*

There "he" is, right at the centre stage..

Live Coverage of the Yo Ga (Ga) Show: The First Half ~ Scenario 1 

The 'man' takes control yet again....

Live Coverage of the Yo Ga (Ga) Show: The Second Half ~ Scenario 2 

The focus shifts again...he firms the mic...

Live Coverage of the Yo Ga (Ga) Show: The Climax ~ The Next Big Thing 

Live Coverage of the Yo Ga (Ga) Show: The Climax ~ He is everywhere

And a thunderous applause followed..Evanescence!!

And that left the audience stunned in silence...the Yo Gaga tab had left an everlasting impression alright; it had managed to tickle those brain cells alright. He did say a lot through his illustrative projection; a legendary depiction.

* This post has been written as a part of the "Better Way" contest organised by Lenovo India in association with indiblogger. For product related information, queries & of course, to know more about the Yo ga (ga) tablet head over to their Facebook Page or the official Lenovo India website.

* The cartoons, illustrations and doodles used on this post are self created (alias Samspook) and should not be copied or represented in any form without permission. Please click on the respective images for better results & reading the brewed conversation.

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