Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Thank you, Vinod....."

Her tattered notepad did enough to convince us; she was indeed legendary. Her outlook, her psyche, her ethos and of course, her mode of expression was simply phenomenal. She was almost an "unsung hero" ... yes, I have deliberately used the masculine gender. Glad, we could dig the diary out of her stationary-rubble...here are a few excerpts...

December 1, 1973
8:30 PM

I think I have committed the biggest mistake of my life. He is a criminal after all, a rapist, a crook. How could I? I have been sent across by the Indian police to arrest him, and look at what I have done....?? Unpardonable sin.

December 15, 1973

Today is a very special day. He has confessed. And of course, I have decided to write a petition to the Indian Crime Bureau, an extenuation. We can take this forward. I will. I have seen him 'through my eyes' , he has a humanitarian touch.

December 23, 1973

Vinod is not a rapist, he cannot be. He looked like a completely different person today, as if the mask has been snatched off; he did shave off his 'abhorred' husky bristles....that, for me is my biggest achievement. He has taken the 'first step' alright. His clean-shaved look has bowled me over.

December 30, 1973

I don't know, where to start....I am literally quivering. He touched me for the first time ...it was heavenly, it was angelic. Wait. Am I getting carried away? No I know...I love him.

January 1, 1974
5:03 AM

I am numb right now, but I have to write this. Vinod has surrendered yesterday...he didn't even tell me. I know, why he did this. I know, why he actually did this. My perfect New Year present. Thank you Vinod. Thank you.

The tattered notepad, the last evidence : Image Courtesy
This is my tenth and last post as a part of the Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity (P.A.U.S.) in association with BlogAddaThis post is a response to Shankar's tag on his blog post entry "Look Book"  !

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