Thursday, December 12, 2013


“So when can I come down for the photo-shoot?” – I asked naively...
“What? What photo-shoot are you talking about?” – She looked rather astonished.
“Come on Riya, you know what I mean…”- I was taken aback by the reaction….” You know my inclination towards modeling…you know that right?”
“Eeeks…. you used to crack better PJ’s in college, Sammy…not anymore…chalo, catch you later buddy; got models waiting outside the studio….”- She broadcasted as she picked up that gigantic SLR lying beside her easy-chair. Yeah of course, Riya is now the biggest fashion photographer of the city…why should she care?

A friend in need is really…a friend indeed; who cares? I bet, no one in the world would have shot my portfolio…. my best pal had abandoned me.

Oh wait…this is not really a prospective Bollywood cataclysm my friend, I didn’t really give in. On the other hand, I tried my luck with a self-stitched effort called an attempted “selfie” Sounds cranky.. doesn’t it? Tell me if you could think of a better option.

Hey, did I send in a positive vibe already? Alright let’s roll back, and see what actually happened on my first selfie attempt…
“Dude, you think this is going to work? Especially with the prickly peevish stubble drawing away all the attention?”- My Ex stepped into the scenario to script an early termination of my first real “constructive move”.

WAIT WAIT!!! I think there was a hidden clue…. embedded right in her perennial cynicism, oh yes…it was there… she had unknowingly imparted a catalytic kick-start…enough to overcome my inertia of inveterate rest.

Yes, my friend,  a couple of weeks later Riya invited me for a photo-shoot…my clean shaved look (on the Facebook Display Picture) had bowled her over.

This is my fifth post as a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity (P.A.S.S.) in association with BlogAdda.

This post is a response to Anita's tag on her blog entry "Bollywood Stubble Songs for PASS" 

* I would like to tag 3 bloggers out here and invite them to express their view on the P.A.S.S. movement through their individual blog posts (post length 200-300 words). They are BiswaTitas and AnitaGuys, do let me know your views. You can read my first four posts right here ParadoxBarbaadi. com , The Golden Duck and It is a Small World. Cheers!!!

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