Friday, December 6, 2013

Fujifilm India- "Photograph of the Month- November 2013~ Food"

Alright, I have been talking about this since the last few months or so....make no mistake, the hunger quotient has increased manifold. They have managed to establish a "fancy nomenclature" called "Food blogger" or "Gourmet virtuoso", but then, the bottom-line is, we all love gorging don't we? Perhaps, the only difference is that I can repress my appetite for those initial few moments....yes, my camera takes control then. Everything else would feature as a mere carbon copy. This blog post is actually a homage to my lens for capturing such delectable shots..yes mate, you have been an intrinsic part of my life really. Thanks for gifting this moment...a moment that's gonna stay long enough; this award that reads like "Photograph of the Month- November 2013" presented by Team Fujifilm India is a perfect treat buddy, the highest accolade ever. I couldn't have asked for more.....

*This shot featured in a PAN India, Food Fiesta competition. To view the image in full resolution, you can click on this link 

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