Monday, December 2, 2013

Signature Premier presents Telegraph T2 - "Style and the City"

"Oh Dear! I had the impression that Kolkata's freezing already"- My fellow blogger looked flummoxed as we creep-ed into the Swissotel Banquet hall, Rajarhat.
"Dude, you wearing a sweater already?"- I gave him a dirty look alright.
"Man! You're not paying attention"; A miffed reply followed...
"Take your eyes off the view-finder for a second and look around."- He predicated.

Well, yes, he was right on the money....I had been deeply engrossed into the photo-hunting mood right from the on-set and I guess I'm not overstating when I say that there were plenty of inspirations hopping in from all sides...waiting to be "noticed" and arrested through my 50mm precision lens.

We had just about crossed the bar, when he clasped onto my fists and dragged me into the couturier's hub...the stage that was winding up to show-case the first ever "Fashion Book" cum "Fashion concord" highlighting the hidden chords embedded in the City of Joy...the style-centric idiosyncrasy, the veins and vogue. 

Yes, you guessed it right- we were RIGHT there at the Signature Premier presents Telegraph T2 "Style & the City" carnival, consecrating the essence of style and fashion in the city of unscripted joy. The majestic event that focused upon the launch of a propitious fashion coffee-table book, was perfectly garnished with the brilliant Spring and Summer Collection outfits being designed and displayed by the acclaimed designer Abhishek Dutta; the 'launch cum fashion show' that fascinated us to the core. It was all about the glam, awe, impression and glitz.

"Hello....come back to life buddy"- My trance was suddenly broken. My co-bloggers' craggy heave in synchronization with his choppy tone did dent hard into my trans-fixture.
"Dude, let's head out to the lawn has already transformed into a Star-Studded affair..."- The celebrity hunting spree had got the better of him by then. The mood had already set in...the evening, my dear friend, was winding up perfectly....

And off we went.... right into the Swissotel's private galaxy...the galaxy that was NOT just star-studded, but it did manage to bridge the gap between the two. Everybody out there seemed to be perfectly in the mood, the quintessence of a glamour-venerated celebrations had extended it's roots deep within..the party mood was on. The ingrained charisma unfurled itself in full fury as the Friday night festivity gained the much-needed momentum..a generous dose of intoxication was the mobilizer.

"Hey, I think I saw the legendary virtuoso Subhaprasanna near the entrance" - My dear co-blogger was all juiced up...his excitement levels had already crossed the threshold.I could hear the "clicking sound"...enriching the paparazzo's collection.

"And I have spotted the beautiful Tolly star Koneenica Banerjee relishing her Blue Lagoon there...right in front of the Signature board" - I divulged; I had to test him alright..."Pick your photo-partner ASAP" ....yeah I now had a first hand idea of what celebrity hunting is all about. "Celebrity hunting"...quite a fancy term, isn't it..almost a dip into their "den"....

"Both"- His reply was quite predictable though...and off we went on a photo-hunt cum interaction spree with the cynosures who are "otherwise" inaccessible...this was perhaps the first time that we were seeing them from so close; yes, it was real...the "wall formed by the silver-screen" had been shattered of course. It turned out to be a glorious collaboration, really.

Big shots like choreographer & dancer Sudarshan Chakraborty, Tollywood actor Saheb Chatterjee, Tolly heart-throb Neha Panda, eminent footballer Jose Ramirez Barreto, Abhishek Dutta himself interacted freely...posed and chuckled away at the pointed camera's. It was quite an illustrious affair to say the least, we had the time of our lives.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the bar's gonna be temporarily closed for the next hour...."; the eyebrows dangled as the host announced....."Please take your seats....the Fashion show is just about to begin....!!!"  The moment had arrived....

The symbolic tocsin resounded through the lawn as the guests headed towards the Banquet Hall; to witness a ravishing display of innovation, style and of course a 'trend setting blend' stitched together with discernible proficiency and finesse.

"This is magical....jaw-dropping" - He predicated...this is time, I had to agree with my beloved co-blogger; what unfurled right in front of our eyes, was absolutely spectacular to say the least. Abhishek Dutta's phenomenal designs marked with their typical awkward strokes of artistry smirked with a pleasant dose of beaming vibrancy enchanted us...we "gawked" if under the influence of necromancy, the burst of creative grandeur.

The show that kicked off with an 'appetizing' AV portraying the real definition of "fashion" as perceived through ones' eyes...rather the "Fashion centric point of view", portrayed through short interviews with the fashion-connoisseurs, found it's true manifestation through the perfect visual rendition conceptualized by the esteemed designer himself.

The stage looked impressive...the entire decor had an underlying accord with the event-scoop that highlighted on the latest trends in the city and people who have hit the groove perfectly. The entire set up, including the lights, reflected the touch of virtuosity.

The models, dressed in the signature zesty outfits, did manage to turn the heat on....their moves had that sense of entangled charm, the "virile reflections" transformed into a modern fairy tale. The conceptualization was 'polished'; the thunderous applause it generated was indeed a certificate of appreciation; a tribute to the ingenuity displayed on the ramp-floor, the adroitness, the mastery flaunted through the signature was an absolute treat. "Perfect"- Is the word.

"Show-stopperrr!! "- My endeared blogger friend stepped into the scene again. I was just about to wind up, re-plugging my lens-cap...when he rushed into the "photographers zone"...there was an un-characteristic spark in his eyes. I didn't have the time to react as the much-anticipated announcement reverberated across the jam-packed hall. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the gorgeous Parno Mittra...."; the host announced. And there she her balletic self, creating "ripples" on the life-less stretches of glory....Parno was indeed the show-stopper. Her mere presence on the stage was a bliss, she was graceful, flamboyant and jubilant......much to the camera-man's delight.

The successful launch of the "fashion-central of the year:- "Style and the City" scripted the perfect "Happy Ending" to this memorable event that rejuvenated our frayed nerves on a tiring Friday evening. Kolkata was treated with a "sassy spectacle."

"Thank you for joining in ladies and gentlemen...the bar is now open..."- Declared the host as the curtains were drawn down....

"It's gonna be a good good night...."- I overheard, as the guests headed off to the lawn....True..Very True.! INDEED!

This event coverage has been scripted for Signature, Live in Style.."Get high with! The one stop destination for parties, fashion, glamour, food and more....
* You can view the complete instagram feed as captured live by the fellow blogger Shankar Bhattacharya right here . 

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