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Coverage: BBC Good Food Master Class at the ITC Sonar Kolkata..

Alright, before I begin, let me ask you a very basic question...Who is actually a "foodie" according to you? Rather, what are the indicative measures? How do you actually figure out the 'inclination'? Well....if you are still thinking, let me pitch in. Invite them to an exclusive cookery workshop, just like the "BBC Good Food Master Class" and observe their irresolute expressions; I bet your can easily segregate them from the crowd. And guess what, when a bunch of 'culinarians' come together, one thing is for sure....there's something extraordinary in the making. This was no exception; the one to one correspondence between the 'culinary artists' & 'enthusiasts'...bridged the gap nevertheless and with the like-minded people around, a perfect home-coming.

BBC Good Food Master Class: The Legendary Build up
The main idea, that revolved around formulating a newer way of 'spawning' those renowned dishes with a Bengali touch, seemed to be tempting enough...and why not? It's all about customizing and 'remodeling' them to treat your near and dear ones.

BBC Good Food Master Class: The ingredients... Winter Green Pea Hummus...
Chef Sunayan Pramanik and Chef Hapawan Singh Kapoor had turned the pedagogue-mode on, as the Master Class Session rolled along...completely in sync with the main idea of the workshop; it transformed into an interactive "hands-on" exercise as the enthusiasts had enough opportunities to get a first-hand feeler of the 'fabrication module'. Much appreciated.

BBC Good Food Master Class:  Raw materials.. that's gonna script a legendary starter
Should I used the term "fusion" ? I guess I should...because what transpired out of the session, was a glorious experimentation of sorts....the blazing start that was scripted through a perfect amalgamation of Mexican-Middle Eastern-and-Bengali cuisine- Winter Green Pea Hummus with Gobindo Bhog Tortillas. Alright, there nothing to be worried seeing the illustrious name because this, in effect turned out to be quite an appetizer. The greenish tinge embedded in the dish was quite appealing.

BBC Good Food Master Class:  That is some concentration for your boss...Chef Pramanik in action...
The intertwined mixture of gobindo bhog rice, maize flour, refined oil and butter that formed the "Tortillas" was perfectly complimented with the pea-centric "hummus" and cucumber-leaven "Labneh". You always need the perfect kick-start alright, and this my friend did just enough to draw us close into the simmering session lying ahead- "Setting the tone so as to say"!

BBC Good Food Master Class: Winter Green Pea Hummus with Gobindo Bhog Tortillas
BBC Good Food Master Class: Winter Green Pea Hummus with Gobindo Bhog Tortillas
"There's nothing Fishy out here by the way.... :D" - I did overhear that and maybe the chefs too...because that, my friend, was EXACTLY "cooking" in their was time for the demonstration. The French Connection, so to say, found it's perfect revelation through a very well know...well conversed method....the signature Bengali treatment- A scrumptious collaboration.

BBC Good Food Master Class: That's the way to go about it, my friend.....
The Gondhoraj Lime foam (The amazing creamy semblance created by the Nitrogen Charger or whipped cream), for me was the game changer; yes the name acknowledges the same fact as well- Poached Bay of Bengal Bhekti in White Wine and Asparagus Topped with Gondhoraj Lime Foam. The application of white wine, fish stock and asparagus...for me, constitutes the delectable backbone...the resultant was a commendable creation alright. The aroma was quite refreshing....

BBC Good Food Master Class: Q/A Session in progress
BBC Good Food Master Class: Poached Bay of Bengal Bhekti in White Wine and Asparagus
Topped with Gondhoraj Lime Foam.
BBC Good Food Master Class: Poached Bay of Bengal Bhekti in White Wine and Asparagus
Topped with Gondhoraj Lime Foam.
"The Climax" - Duh...I do have this uncanny trait to overhearing conversations alright, my readers have often pointed out to the same, sarcasm or acclamation...? - I guess it's better not to encroach into the zone...the "Reader-centric zone". :D
Alright, coming back to the 'climax' points in guessing, it happened to be a prolific tribute or rather a magnificent rendition...the "sweet nothings" indeed. Chef Harpawan Singh had enough ideas in mind, the idea that not only managed to tickle the sweet-toothed sophomores....and scripted a gratifying bend...the seat belts had already been fastened tightly :D . Chennar Tiramisu Nostrano was the first of the dazzlers...the home made cottage cheese, that formed the base of this palatable dessert orchestrated vicissitude alright...the association scripted with Meringue and the coffee liquor mix did send in a foodie-goosebumps. It was an all-in-one-enterprise nevertheless, the taste and the 'beautification' had an under-lying charm..Indeed. I loved the way it was served with a tinge of cocoa power and the custom made chocolate cookies. *Slurpy*

BBC Good Food Master Class: Chennar Tiramisu Nostrano
Are you still planning to head off to an overpriced coffee shop this weekend? Hola....certainly not!! I could sense the resonating elation when the "Tiramisu tasting" session commenced... "I know this is your most favorite part" - Giggled the host!

BBC Good Food Master Class: Chennar Tiramisu shots, the Dessert Tasting session.
Wait wait! I haven't winded up yet because Crepe Suzette with Nolen Gur was already in the making; the last part is the most interesting aspect of this extremely delicious sweet dish. Well, there is a bit of finesse attached to this particular dish, especially with the crepes...patience is the key, formulating shapes and 'drawing it up'...the Suzette sauce being a combination of brown sugar, unsalted butter, fresh orange juice, marmalade and gur, would definitely test your perseverance. "Practice makes a cook perfect" - Universally true. The 'lumps' created in the batter should be dealt with endurance...that is a mere jolt between the orange juice and the sugar-tinged-butter. Nolen gur is the actual surprise factor that adds the Bengali conjuration to the entire scheme of things; the resultant being luscious to the core. "Alls well that ends well...." - Roger that, a fabulous culmination.

BBC Good Food Master Class: The ambrosial Crepe Suzette with Nolen Gur, the climax.
"Are we done?" - An enthusiast's a replenishing appetite nevertheless. 
"Nope...a photo-shoot beckons"- I replied blithely. And the clicking sound resonated through the 'gourmand-platform'.

BBC Good Food Master Class: That's Chef Pramanik for you...
BBC Good Food Master Class: The entire 'Good Food' team that made it happen...Cheers!

* Thank you ITC Hotels and Windchimes Communications for inviting me for this wonderful workshop. Looking forward to attending more of such events in the future & of course I love your food. Readers, do visit them on twitter or facebook for more event related details. You can also visit their official website:

* The images used in this blog have all been clicked through my lens, please do not used them without permission. If you need the recipes, do drop me a small mail or a notification in the comments section...I would be happy to share them with you.

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