Monday, December 23, 2013

Celebrating the Glorious Essence of Friendship.....

Rats wrote this the other day : “Mere Campus Mein Hay Dum...Vande maataram!” You bet buddy :D

And this transformed into the tagline of our batch and why not? The hangouts have been the driving force for our developing minds. Ahem! Developing in diverse directions :P
IIT kharagpur, well, the name says it all. Students from across the globe are aware of the multifarious talent harvested by the IIT-ians in every aspect of LIFE.PERIOD! ;)

Be it innovation, be it development, be it “pure nautanki”, be it newer methods of approaching the opposite sex- IIT literally excels in everything. Yeah EVERYTHING!!
Our college campus was vast, to say the least and the canteens used to be the focus of our bona fide misdeeds and of course, sizzling activities. Be it quiz, be it debate, be it music, be it any other activity, our canteens and their mind-blowing food used to provide unblemished inspiration.

The best possible memory of our canteen? I could recall this incident back in 2007; we were gearing up to compete in the Robotics event of our World Famous Tech-Fest, Kshitij. We had never been so keen on our curriculum; the preparations for the event was FULL ON since a couple of weeks preceding Kshitij. The event by the way was extremely interesting; we had to device a robot which could move in any direction and lift an object of equivalent weight to the level of Head-height.

You people must be aware of the fact that participants from all over the world head over to IIT KGP every year at this point of time just for this magnanimous event; this meant danger for debut-ants like us. Extreme level of dedication, innovation in application and perseverance was on the cards; we were glad that after a  number of sleepless nights, our robot had finally managed to execute it's clamping functionality. The final trial was however, still pending.

It was a Monday, if I remember correctly when we were sitting at the canteen, incorporating some last moment modifications to our creation; Errr? It was actually just me who was struggling with the fending robot while my team-mates were *AS USUAL* engrossed in those hot chicks on the other side of the table ; they were sipping onto their favorite NESCAFE; enjoying every bit of the visual delight! I had given them a couple of dirty looks; but all in vain! They were already into their 5th cup of the morning, mesmerized at "their" beauty.

I was as livid as ever; I agree that Robotics was primarily my passion while bird-watching was theirs’, but that didn't imply that I would toil all day long to extract life out of the silly piece of metal. The chilly weather and the smell of the 'yummilicious maggi' from the other end of the table were not helping the cause either.

Suddenly a wicked plan aroused in my mind; it was like a sudden spark of an oasis in the rugged stretches of a desert. With a snatch I clinched the remote from the hands of the “blissfully tranquilized” Racks and "stamped my authority" on it’s movement controllers. What happened next was history.

In the next instant, everybody witnessed my “Zombie” (robot’s coronation) quickly speeding across the table and grabbing onto the Cup of Nescafe with it’s metallic claws. Everyone sat still in state of shock when I pulled the upward lift controller and dragged it back.
Everything was going fine till this point of time! My sudden burst of excitement spoiled everything.... in sheer amusement, I had accidentally pressed the “flip” button of the controller and then........
SHIT, My heart pains at the mere remembrance of the disaster that followed thereafter. The flip button, in the meanwhile, had instructed the robot to turn the whole mug of coffee upside down; The point of impact?
Straight onto the lap of one of the “hotties”. DISASTER!

All I could remember was a thunderous “Thwaaat” & my cheeks that had developed red-n-pink impressions under the impact..

Thankfully Racks offered me a free sip of share of his sandwich; that helped a bit- Moral support after-all. Damn, those moments of anguish were completely warded off through the hilarious bend...we weren't REALLY mourning "the loss" , but picking up those bits and pieces of memories....yes, those memories that's gonna live forever. The real essence of friendship.

Memorable? YEAH!! Bitterly So! The glorious misadventure so as to say...Sigh!  :D

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