Thursday, November 28, 2013

'White Wine' ~ A 55-Word Thriller.

...Held at gun-point over a glass of wine could be as bizarre as ever. One perverse move could add a crimson tinge to the glass of white wine....
"Wipe off the records..."- The cop dictated.
"The Data's right in here..."- My fingers pointed towards the quarterly filled wine-glass.

Pin drop silence prevailed...........

"Sulfuric acid"- I revealed.

* This is a work of fiction & doesn't bear resemblance with any person, living or dead.
**  This post is my sixth attempt at the 55-Fiction Genre.
*** The image is self-shot & should not be  reproduced without permission.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Through the Lens: 'A Ride into Shillong' - The Mystic Myriad......

The Boulevard of "Evergreen Dreams" : From Shillong to the Living Root Bridge, Cherrapunjee

*This "mini-photo-post" has been created as a mark of remembrance. It's been over a year since I left the land of "mystic elegance" Shillong...and this ride from Shillong to Cherrapunjee has been memorable to say the least. I am falling short of words really; let the lens-work do the talking then. Click on the image to view it in full size on flickr. Will be posting more snapshots in due course of time. Thanks to Bausch + Lomb for shortlisting this image for their weekly photography competition, you can vote for this image by clicking on this link. This image has an embedded charm in it, it is also one of my personal favorites-clicked through a Canon Digicam.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Black Dog Easy Evenings: 'Unwinding, Relaxing and Stayin' Alive'

Well, well well! 

Talk about glamour - 
Talk about style- 
Talk about indulgence- 
Talk about the atmosphere- Huge  
Talk about comity-  
Talk about the quality of music- 
Talk about audience reaction- Massive  and
Talk about the overall "charm" - A Jumbo  

Before I begin, let me tell you...if were still serving your boss (directly or indirectly) on a Sunday or rather lamenting at the prospect of those dying hours of a leisurely weekend, I bet you have actually missed out on quite a treat; a treat to savor for a long long time. You might just curse yourself after scrolling through his post. Hi Five to ones who were there alongside. Period.

The Event Banner: The Black Dog Easy Evenings- Unwinding, Relaxing and Stayin' Alive ...
The Black Dog Easy Evenings: The Concert Passes...unleashing the world of free-spirited charm
"Good things come in medium pegs of delight" - My friend had conjectured...yes, he was my companion for the evening draped in euphoric intoxication.

"Unwind and Relax" - Oh well, did I read it right?
"Yes you did"- A "cipher" whispered right from behind.

"Oh...who did that?"- I kept wondering as I looked back in utter anarchy, my searching eyes stopped at the prolific figure sitting right behind me, the legendary quiz-master Mr. Derek O' Brien, in full mood.

"This is sheer awesomeness"- The elderly gentleman sitting right beside me, sounded ecstatic when Night Fever, the exalted extension of the Bee Gee's, managed to dig deep into the evening with their signature numbers. The overflowing felicity found it's prodigious manifestation as he left his half-empty glass on the chair and joined the "freestyle-dancers'-deluge" right in-front of the stage. The others followed suit.

The Black Dog Easy Evenings: The mood was completely set up...Bee Gees' spectacles being performed
Such an evening it was; marked with merriment, gaiety, recreation, reciprocation and indulgence....Night Fever transformed it into a musical myriad altogether. The atmosphere was reminiscence, nurturing the glorious nostalgia woven around the Bee Gees' classics; the soothing melody that has touched our souls since the early 60's. Headed by the 3 musketeers Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibbs, Bees Gees had almost made the genre of Soft and Psychedelic Rock their very own; their "worshiper-count" has indeed breached those boundaries of geography, nationality or language. Rightly so; thanks Kolkata for proving it yet again. 

The Black Dog Easy Evenings:  Here you go ladies and gentlemen, the vocalist was as animated as ever...
The city of unprecedented joy indeed; they not only created a fantastic "semblance" singing along-side, but payed homage to the rich essence of the Bee Gees' music that swept through the charts right from it's inception...the "Billboard Hot 100" berth had established their cinch on the portfolio of World Music, there was no looking back after that.

The Black Dog Easy Evenings:  Melody raged across the City of Joy as Bee Gees' classics mesmerized...
The crowd went berserk on the revival of legendary "I Started A Joke" chimes; there was no stopping them as the wide open, lush green Calcutta Cricket and Football Ground, South Calcutta transformed into a pleasant promenade.....there was an essence of be-witchery in air, alluring us into a trance, the "Easy Evenings"-centric reverie. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is indeed, the embedded charm of a "Black Dog Experience", you earn yourself a generous dose of luxury, opulence, affluence and some legendary gratifications in the process....a platform that has amassed talents from different parts of the globe and treated the loyal-"devotees" with the best of feasts. The Kolkata leg was no brought those connoisseurs and music evangelists together on one platform, enchanted them to sink into the occasion. 

The Black Dog Easy Evenings:  That's when emotion entangled with motion, amazing performance indeed..
"Hey, ladies and gentlemen....glad to know that Bee Gees is keenly followed in the city of joy"- announced the jubilant thespian with the guitar; they were seemingly overwhelmed at the reception they got on their first performance in the City of "Mach, Mishti and More". The Black Dog Easy Evenings did "unwind" in it's royal grandeur and brought about a refreshing touch of ecstasy, felicity and warmth on the Sunday evening....right at the onset of the Wintry hues.

The Black Dog Easy Evenings:  The "names" that enhanced the appetite for a leisurely evening *hic*
"Hope to see you soon...."- My friend was perfectly right on this one; Kolkata would eagerly wait for the next leg of the Easy Evenings, do come back soon. 

Through my lens: "The Black Dog Easy Evenings, Kolkata Leg...Unwinding and Delightful" 

The Black Dog Easy Evenings:  Sync-ing deep into the melody....
The Black Dog Easy Evenings:  The "barriers" being breached..Up and over....
The Black Dog Easy Evenings:  The vintage touch depicted in the performance...
The Black Dog Easy Evenings:  Lights and Colors to dominate the show that dazzled...
The Black Dog Easy Evenings:  Rhythm Divine....
The Black Dog Easy Evenings:  The show to "remember"
* This event coverage has been scripted for Signature, Live in Style.."Get high with! The one stop destination for parties, fashion, glamour, food and more....

Monday, November 4, 2013

Through The Lens: Capturing the Essence of Kali Pujo & Diwali...

The Essence of Kali Pujo and Diwali: The Idol at a local Puja Pandal...
The essence of radiating positive energy is such a lifter....
The Essence of Kali Pujo and Diwali: The Diwali Lights
The Revolving dissipation of free spirited energy and grace!
The Essence of Kali Pujo and Diwali: The festival of lights is such....
That it unites people of different religion, caste, creed and age group....
The Essence of Kali Pujo and Diwali: The Gracious Light Painting...
Well, who would have known, that the experimentation with ISO would explore patterns
The Essence of Kali Pujo and Diwali: The Upliftment..
That's how the "otherwise"dark alleys and by-lanes of Kolkata have dressed up...
The Essence of Kali Pujo and Diwali: The Upliftment..
That's how the darkness-marred, poverty tinged lanes of Kolkata have responded....
The Essence of Kali Pujo and Diwali: The Protagonists...
The unsung "hero-es" who form an intrinsic part of the celebrations...syncing with grace

* I have always believed that pictures speak more than words...& I hope you are in sync as well...Do share your feedback here :)

Thanks to Freecultr for rewarding me for this capture of mine.
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Inkling on the Drive....

"E.M. Bypass? Damn."- She had already started panicking.
" was just a disembodied episode"- I tried my best to persuade her. I was rather languorous to say the least. I had to travel all the way from Salt Lake to Dhakuria to drop her after the party.

"Damn! Who's gonna pay for the fuel?"- I muttered. It was damn annoying to say the least; nobody had persuaded her for that extra wasn't my responsibility either.
But then those recent bit of unpleasant incidents occurring in and around the city has indeed raised the eyebrows.

The matter had started adulterating after the late night Park Street trauma that shook the country; but then, the aftermath wasn't as conspicuous as expected. The protest marches, predictable increment in security personnel, improved crowd monitoring, regulating the pub infiltration and other mitigation plans constituted pretty much, the outer sheath. The inner instinct still remained audacious, undaunted...the malevolence still prevailed.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Delightful Breakfast at Jalan Hang Lekiu, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The well known -"breakfast delights served with a tinge of originality.."
The colors to dazzle us to the core...
They call it ginger noodles, served with the Italian counter-part 
in Lasagne rolls and egg porridge..the taste that lingered!!
And as you know, the posers would be more than happy to be clicked 
with such a gaudy ensemble, just before "deepavali"....
And those freshly baked vegetables to soothe your inner appetite, 
health and wealth together in a mind-blowing combination...

This is the first of the photo-blog related posts as a part of the elusive "Diary from Malaysia" ..keep following me for more updates.

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