Thursday, October 10, 2013

'Ride into Durga Puja 2013 ~ "Shoshti" -Pic-Duplet of the Day'

Road to #DurgaPuja 2013: "Shosti Blast" | Theme: "The Envisaged 3D Vision"
Venue: Chetla Agroni Club, Kolkata
Road to #DurgaPuja 2013: Shosthi Blast | Theme: "The "Inception" - The Dreamy Reality;
Venue: Badamtala Ashar Sangha, Kolkata
* Join me on a photo ride across all the 5 days of Durga Puja...I will be posting "couplet-pics" of the day throughout the biggest Bengali festival. Do follow me on instagram for live updates. Please click on the individual images to view them on flickr.
* Consolidated image sets so far: "Best of Panchami" / "Best of Shoshti"  ...To see the 'Panchami Duplet' click here.

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