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Food Review: 'Minus 6 Degreess'- Crisp, Frigid and Luscious!

"Everything you see here, have been neatly carved out of ice"- The Manager explained as we walked along, gazing at the "icy specimens" in wondrous joy.

"And here you see the glasses, these have been specifically designed in sync with the overall ambiance...the material, is again ice"- He sensed our degree of reverence and added fuel to the splinter.
"But then, what about the hygiene?"- I asked inquisitively.
"Sir, these glasses are non-reusable, these are disposed off after one time use"- He conjectured.
"Okay! So tell us, how long can a normal person 'sustain comfortably' in this chamber?"- A curious fellow blogger buzzed. Minus -6 degreess- goodness gracious me, seemed like it was the first step we took towards embracing the essence of a "glorified extinction" , but then we realized, it wasn't really depredation, but an illustrious juice of opulence. Glad we made it to this point.
"With the shielded jacket on, 45 minutes has proved to the threshold....but kids, as expected, have a better power of endurance. People indulge in birthday parties inside- the "coldest birthday" ever...they say, not literally though...", he continued...."we have a special menu designed for the chamber that consists of primarily the desserts...; though we are waiting for the liquor license....once that is procured, the party should gain momentum." The spark in his eyes expounded the story behind those "best laid plans".

The fellow bloggers, in the meanwhile, explored the chamber of wonder (termed as the Ice Lounge) that allowed a maximum of 20 prurient visitors at a go; the craftsmanship presented inside was amicable. It was a generous of overdose of the ice-sheathed embodiment; the freezing enterprise had everything that could quench your thirst after a week-long corpo grill. The Kolkatan gusto portrayed through the ice-sculptures added that bit "homely charm" to the rather alien envelope. We were mesmerized to the core...those "6 minutes of blissful refrigeration" would remain as the traces of the venerable escapade....

The Delectable Ride: Inside the "Chamber of chilled out secrets" ...The Ice-baked room...!
"How did we land up there?
How did the gang of Kolkatan food bloggers explore this "chilled out gorging zone"?"

20 mins earlier...

"Wow...what have we here!!! The items scripted out here, on the look of it, appear extraordinary!!!"- the fellow blogger exclaimed. I couldn't help but concur.

We, the group of 4 bloggers, were sitting right inside the gourmet igloo; the stunner that was corona-ted as the "Skimo Kitchen" in line with the overall theme that fabricated a "freezing saga", in complete contrast to the characteristic Kolkata humidity. In-fact, the epithet that read "MINUS 6 DEGREESS", was a striking divergence indeed.

Located at the RHS of 'INOX Swabhumi entrance', the ice-lounge cum bar is one of it's kind....indeed, there's no parallelism woven in this genre. Who would have known; the reserve of our "much needed solace" was parked in the "murky-yet-captivating" milieu of the igloo shaped eatery.

"Soup fellas?"- My voice resounded through the otherwise peaceful arcade...yes the surge was irresistible. And we stemmed out in our appetizing verdict. The starters were about to to be served. 
"This one has something very antithetic, creamy blend of mushroom appears to be extremely delightful"- The fellow blogger seemed to be extremely pleased while tasting the Fervent Creme Al Fungi; the dish, juxtaposed with the butter cheese toasts seemed to have unfurled it's groovy chemistry. The zesty lemon soup mingled with coriander was refreshing to the core as well.

"Eeeks! I guess this one's pretty intense"- The photo-blogger, sitting on the other end of the table, disclosed. The tropical asparagus and rice soup didn't seem to have impressed him to the core; the taste, according to him resembled that of a mushed herb, smitten and served hot. Perhaps those taste buds took a while to adapt to the rich essence of the "vintage herb"...or perhaps it was more of a "unfamiliar piquancy" case, as annotated by the head chef. We were destined to be "rattled" :D

The Delectable Ride:  The Starter Platter, looked very colorful indeed!
The Delectable Ride:  The Starter Soup...Zesty lemon with coriander!
The Delectable Ride: The glorious partnership....Butter cheese toasts..
The Delectable Ride: The Starter platter yet was damn photogenic.
Bitten by the experimentation bug, we decided to explore the incognito...digging deep into the menu was the best part. The ambrosial ramble through the itineraries mingled with the in-house recommendations, our hunt temporarily stopped at the Luscious Vegetable Lasagne Rolls - The Italian punch...the scrumptious pasta-centric delicacy mingled with a creamy enterprise...that really set the tone for a grand lunch. The fact that we were literally fighting for the last bite established that we were definitely on the right track.

The Delectable Ride:  That's what I was talking about..the mindblowing Lasagne Rolls
The Delectable Ride: The Lasagne Rolls yet again...the perfect No.3 Batsman!

The gratifying Roller Rice (chopped vegetables rolled in crispy rice topped with cheesy herbs) and the Polar Veg Au Gratin (wholesome baked dish stuffed with vegetable and potatoes) were served next; I would say that 3 of the above mentioned "entities" had an underlying bond...the bond that stitched together well and lead to completeness of sorts. The Polar Veg Au Gratin had a softer core, the baked cultivation had it's characteristic charm, but the Lasagne hangover was still lurking high.

The Delectable Ride: That's how the roller rice was presented to us!
Back to the known territory then, my fellow blogger decided to "test" the inherent customization added to a apparently familiar entity called Sesame Flavored Singapore Noodles, and guess what the we were contentedly surprised. The fibers had an observant graze; the application of lime was peculiar improvisation nevertheless.

The Delectable Ride:  The Sesame Flavored Singapore Noodles, the glorious revitalize -r 
"Allz well that ends well, my friend" - Asserted my photographer friend- Yes his intentions were quite clear; we needed the perfect dose of "sweet nothings" to draw an ending line to this savory ride. And yes, the foodie hub specializing in the Asian and Continental genre had plenty to offer.

"Chinese chocolate moon rolls, Parky Ice-cream sandwich with Honey Nuts and...."- I was interrupted mid-way through the selection procedure.

The Delectable Ride:  The Parky ice-Cream Sandwich topped with Honey Nuts....
The Delectable Ride: The Chinese Chocolate Moon Rolls...molten chocolate inside....
The Delectable Ride: The Chinese Chocolate Moon Rolls served with Vanilla ice-cream...
"............and Nipping fried ice-cream with nuts- It's a must have"- The Manager asserted with a smile. Yes, he was pretty sure of "their strengths" !

"Fried Ice-cream?! Are you serious?!" - That was the moment, a squeaker to say the least.

"That's our chef's expertise,'s his finesse, wanna try it out?"- I could sense the impulse egress through his words.

"Of course boss, your wish...our command...bring it on"- We announced together. 

What appeared on to the table after a period of 5-10 minutes was something ingenious. The sweeter delegation that encircled around those crispy moon rolls stuffed with melted chocolate, found it's true manifestation through the fried sagacity. I wonder, how they could manage a sizzling hot outer coating sheathing the cooler inner half; much like a boiling outer cocoon guarding the "melting subsistence" - It's pure artistry I would say. The idea, though abstract, was indeed a stunner- Or rather the signature stunner..... The taste that lingered....

The Delectable Ride: The Nipping Fried Ice-cream with Nuts...Innovation & Finesse personified...
The Delectable Ride: That's the beauty for you- Tasty and ambrosial....
"It wasn't really over then....the ride had just gained momentum..."
20 mins later.....

We were freezing inside the "chamber of frosty secrets".....trying to claw back to reality.....
- Rating time:
Restaurant name: Skimo Kitchen, Minus 6 Degreess Ice-Lounge Cum Bar
Location: 89CMaulana Abdul Kalam Azad SaraniInox BuildingNear SwabhumiEM Bypass, Kolkata.
Genre: Multi-cuisine- Italian, North-Indian, Continental, Chinese, Mexican, Thai.
Type: Fully Vegetarian (Liquor to be introduced shortly)
Food quality: Excellent- 9/10
Price range: On the higher side, it might cost you INR 1800 for a lavish meal for two. 5/10
Service: Excellent, but needs a bit of capacity building in terms of treating the connoisseurs - 7/10
Ambiance: Fantastic- 10/10
Analysis: Highly recommended even for hard-core non-vegetarians (like me) might be genuinely surprised. But then, it's a bit taxing on the pocket.

There you go: Here are the bloggers who are analyzing every "fiber" with utmost care...
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