Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Road to Durga Puja 2013: "Kumortuli" The Nostalgic Photo-walk

Teaser: "Pujo-r Gondho eseche"...A ride into Pujo 2013!
Road to Durga Puja 2013:This is how #Kolkata is gearing up for the #Durga Puja... 
#Finishing #Touches!
Road to Durga Puja 2013Half Blended Paradise "Open your eyes princess".. #MaaDurga
Road to Durga Puja 2013He is checking the "proportions" alright
Road to Durga Puja 2013: That's how an artist 
"frames" his creations...extreme levels of concentration!
Road to Durga Puja 2013And on a stormy day, the artisans never even thought of bunking work.... 
Road to Durga Puja 2013Engrossed in his "art"...imparting life to clay!
Road to Durga Puja 2013Well well...Look at what's resting inside....
Road to Durga Puja 2013: Well, the illustrations were pretty lively too....
Road to Durga Puja 2013Well she has just woken up from her sleep.. 
she's gonna take a while to get ready 
Road to Durga Puja 2013: Well, the small wonders did enough to grab our attention.
Road to Durga Puja 2013: I didn't even dare to step inside the hut... 
Road to Durga Puja 2013There she is...draped in her favorite attire 
Road to Durga Puja 2013: Dugga Dugga... "She has arrived"

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* Please click on the individual photos (as uploaded on the blog) or the caption to view the high resolution version on flickr.

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