Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Aviva - What’s your big plan.....

“Your interview’s over, you can leave now”- The interviewer didn't seem to be amused with my answer. I was.

I was pretty straight forward though; my response, to his queries were pin-pointed.

Food reviewer, your extra-curricular’s say”; he read out….. “What’s the relevance?”- He sounded pretty sarcastic.
“I love to analyse, to judge, to assess and to evaluate something that’s as elementary as food. I presume I could fit into the auditor’s groove perfectly….that’s the relevance” – I guess I sounded pretty convincing there.
“And what’s your plan then? Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line?”- The grumpy fellow sitting at the other end of the table sounded curious.

Pretty simple plan: heading a pack of talented culinary artists and establishing the biggest restaurant chain in India, serving the best of food & creating fusion cuisines utilizing global recipes….ensuring proper quality control & serving them at affordable prices to the food-loving Indians…..” – I was cool as a cucumber, my words were almost resonating across the furbish cabin. Though, I could sense a dormant volcano on the verge of exploding.

Two very conflicting personalities were facing each other…itching to unleash their ‘flintlocks of words’….a glorious one-on-one face-off was almost in the pipeline.

“So you into photography as well….” He tried to maintain his composure.
“Yes, Gourmet photography! I love to analyse those grains…those expressive pixels help in deeper scrutinization”- I replied spontaneously.
The reaction was pretty evident…..

Kahani me twist?
I was just about to take a step towards the exit, when something extraordinary happened.

“Wait!”- He asserted.
The cantankerous creature had picked up the receiver and issued instructions- “Please call the Aviva representative in, we need to discuss on their typical Business Insurance Related Policies.”
And what he said next, was staggering…..

“And confirm a slot for two at the ‘Taj Bengal's audit presentation’ next week, we have a new SME on-board”….he continued!

Winding up for the perfect shot..
The real tool of "capturing evidence" before the dish could be analysed...
Ensuring that the shot has captured the "perfect essence"..
Discussing and re-focusing on the finer aspects..
And this is the glorious out-come (Dish name- Delectable Fried Ice-cream)
The following video summarizes the crux of my big-plan in an effective manner..

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* This post has been written as a part of the Aviva What's Your Big Plan contest sponsored by Aviva, for more product related information and other relevant details, do visit their Facebook page.
* Well since I still believe that my "salad days" are very much on, I have written about MY big plan because I, unfortunately, I do not have a kid yet. Pretty much a happy-go-lucky bachelor of sorts.
* The images (except the first two images in which I feature myself, they have been shot by a co-blogger Soumya Mukherjee) and the video (self shot and edited) used in this write-up are my own property and should not be used without permission.

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