Friday, August 9, 2013

I boarded the Chennai Express...Did you?

Well, the twitter trends did suggest a mammoth throng…the expectation was insurmountable to compliment the initial out-burst. The “lungi-dance”, as projected as a symbolic representation, would perhaps send in an askew note…because the soul of the movie, as I managed to comprehend, was embedded somewhere else.

Well, this is NOT really a review of sorts, but I hereby present a set of disconnected statements which when connected together, might sound conclusive. Let’s put ourselves in other’s shoes for the time being and draw a cumulative conclusion.

“I clapped because I felt that there was enough in the movie to keep us interested” – asserted the co-viewer. One thing is for sure; “whatever it was”, the general feeling was that of a “paisa-vasool”! Let’s explore.

“OMG, I can’t believe that SRK is so fit and agile even in this age”- the 15 year old looked fascinated when the “King” literally creamed the dance floor on the beats of 1, 2, 3. (Nope I’m not referring to an envisaged guest appearance in the “Maduri-scorcher”). Yes she rightly acknowledged SRK’s animated yet spirited show.

“She looks like a typical South Indian damsel” – giggled the 35-ish lady sitting beside me. Deepika, you have NO idea how big a compliment that is. It did certify that you ACTUALLY fitted into the groove perfectly. I can’t dare to differ; a movie that has been fabricated on the religion called “SRK-ism”, needed someone who could add that bit of cushion…Deepika did brilliant, I feel.

“This language sounds cute, I even managed to follow it in bits & pieces….*Proud*” – chucked a “cute” little teenager during the interval (Don’t you feel the same pinch? Of course I was skeptical). Yes, in-spite of its repetitive application, the language, thankfully, didn’t appear “impermeable”.

“Heard that SRK did actually carry Deepika in his arms and traversed those painful miles in an ascending motion…” – My “information central” pal apprized. *Blah!* I have never paid heed to those boring statistics. Nevertheless, these bits and pieces of information do hold good in terms of authenticity.

“I can TELL you right now, how this movie’s gonna end” –My nerdy associate seemed to have turned on his “predictive mode”. Well, I couldn’t really disagree. There “had to be” a self-initiated head-on jolt towards the end.

“But then, the ‘melodious representation’ was witty in its own way….sounded awkward, but it was fun…we relived good old moments….” – My cousin made an attempt to divulge into details; he was stopped midway by the grumpy 70 year old sitting right in-front of us. He was perhaps making a thorough note of the “infinitesimal number of flaws” in Deepika’s recently acquired accent or the disgrace propounded by the expression-less Tamilian Don- inconsequential really, in the bigger scheme of things.

“Take me to the spot where the Chennai Express halted midway” – The statement was an exhibit to Shomik’s coveted paparazzo instinct. Indeed so; it’s amicable how they managed to dig out such unique and exquisite locations in the Southern core. Even the village where the duo halted mid-way was eye-candy to say the least. The music could have been better though.

“This is different and quite refreshing after the likes of Raanjhanaa and Lootera”- The “lady in orange” rightly pointed out. This film cannot be judged or compared on the scale of “depth and finesse” or in the “hatke” terms. It is a indeed package of sorts- entertainment, humor, comedy, love, subtle romance, bewilderment, impulsive “encounters”, action, face-offs, “untimely realizations” and a moderately happy-yet-predictable ending.

And well….”I think the soul of the movie was in ‘its soul’ “- I felt like clapping on this one though. Yes, the age-old “break-the-caste-and-religion-barrier” axiom seemed was the pivotal perspective.

“This SRK has the glimmer of the projection in Chaahat…young, exuberant and determined”…..I murmured to myself. Yes I could compare the “intensity levels”; the climax did bring back memories of his “comeback” after being brutally slaughtered by Nasseruddin Shah. No worries SRK, we aren’t underestimating the power of a common man- You ain’t “common” by any stretch of imagination though!

And focusing on the impact of this movie, the under-lying Facebook update (from my friend's wall) rounds it off perfectly....

** Since I started with twitter, I guess, Rahul (SRK’s favorite on-screen name) ‘s grandpa has a twitter account too. Can anybody give me the handle-name? ;) 

My Rating:
Story-line and script- 7/10
Acting- 9/10
Camera-work- 8/10
Music- 6/10
Overall- 7.5/10

Some of the reactions posted on the social media...the "journey" has INDEED gripped the nation in full throttle! 

That's how the city of joy greeted the latest SRK dazzler.... (Courtesy - Twitter)..

The HOT-Cake (Poster)

And of course, SRK shouldn't be perturbed with such status updates; he must have booked a couple of flight tickets by now ;)

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