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The Telegraph Food Guide Awards 2013: Felicitating Connoisseurs

Given a choice, what would you opt for? Ahem....no stress, we're pretty sure of the answer.
“Can I have a blue lagoon please?” – The tall and lanky figure declared as he headed over to the “plugged “bar close to the entrance. It was almost like the mad-rush in-front of a certain Priya cinemas on the release date.

“White wine for me…” – and the crowd hesitantly made way for the radiantly charming “Tolly-luminary”.

One thing was for sure, the die-hard foodies did “re-fuel” themselves from time to time as the essence of worship-ping the “food-architects” loomed high! And when the “stars” illuminated the ‘private galaxy’, it was pretty evident that the City of Joy was ready to relish the coveted Gourmet Endeavor

Well, the star-studded enterprise on a “Khooni” Monday evening celebrating the ” The Telegraph Food Guide Awards, 2013 ” at Galaxy, The Park Hotel did depict the “Flavor of Kolkata” alright. The light-hearted atmosphere mingled with the touch of elegance and varnished with the delectable aroma was perhaps a passionate foodie’s fervent hunting ground. However the event that was aimed at gratifying an assortment of talented “culinary artists”, did offer a LOT more than expected.

That's what magnetized us to the core...the perfect hunting ground for foodies....
We could sense the anticipation in the crowd as Anupam Roy stepped on to the stage; it was perfectly a lyrical start to the magnanimous event that harvested the nitty-gritty of food to its granular level.

There he is... "The" lyrical Anupam Roy...humble alright...and Saheb exchanging looks ;)
“Did they miss out on any of the ‘types;” – whispered a notable personality as the representatives from Oh! Calcutta headed off to the stage to collect their reward.
“I don’t think so”- the gorgeous dignitary giggled in response.

Yes, indeed! The “scheme of things” included every possible genre of cuisines and awarded “their” pioneers with the highest honor in the domain; that’s absorbing! 

Well, Sonika (the host for the evening) did get to keep most of the awards- safe and sound in her locker alright, yet the spirit was formidably high throughout the event. I guess this was the first ever occasion when a random visitor had expressed his “bon-vivant-curiosity”, overcoming his “celeb-hunting-zeal”. And why not? An event that fabricated a bridge between the connoisseurs from across the city, didn't “segregate” by any stretch of imagination...

Saheb's latest hair-style appeared to be quite quirky ;)
I did overhear an acclaimed media person assert- “Talking of tickling the taste buds, I guess we are united in a common bond….THE bond”. - He did round it off well.

 Another interesting aspect was the interim humor huddle that managed to keep the tempo going; well yes, it did cultivate the intrinsic “foodie” humor mingled with the spark of an “engineering blend”. The ambiance it created was appetizing to the core.

And as I said, the comedians did a great job in keeping the tempo on...the "Starters" to say!
And here we go, the assembly of Foodies from across the city...sharing a common "bond"..
A huge round of applause resounded through the auditorium as the personable Gaurav Chakraborty and the gorgeous Ridhima Ghosh stepped up to the center stage; the reception was literally tantalizing.

Gaurav Chakraborty,Ridhima Ghosh and Moinak with one of the winners....
Gaurav Chakraborty, Ridhima Ghosh and Moinak with another set of the winners....
And within close proximity, one could catch a glimpse of the ‘big-shots’ - Paoli Dam and Abir Chatterjee who had hopped onto the foodies’ bandwagon with utmost grace. I don’t blame them. The eminent fashion Designers Sharbari Dutta, Abhishek dutta, Kallol Dutta, Kiran Uttam Ghosh and Agnimitra Paul were equally engrossed in embracing the quintessence of a coveted indulgence.
The Foodie-ramble can't be un-structured..these were "the fabricated guides "
In-fact, Raima Sen’s flamboyant elegance in-front of the camera seeped into a luxurious evanescence as the scrumptious buffet menu for the eve was unleashed as soon as the awards-ceremony came to a fitting end.

No Words really ;) - Here's Raima "the gorgeous" Sen....

The food, well, what do I say…it presented rich variety and class. And I BET I’m not over-stating when I say that it was the best Sushi I have tasted in the recent times. The soya halem, entangled with the crispy association made a head start and the minced pork caught up with the run-rate quite steadily.  Compliments galore floated across the dining hall as the delectable “grilled ganga parse” mingled with the “garlic rice” turned out to be the “pick-of-the-night”; not to undermine the avant-grade “sweet nothings” that marked a happy ending to the luscious assembly. The revitalizing aroma generating out of the delightful “Bonde” did drive off the workaholic Monday hang-over; goodness me, those emanating flames had already gutted our gastronomes it’s charm…it was time to make the most of the opportunity...
P.S. The glutton tag doesn't go with at ALL; I love photographing food...I love to capture "the nucleus". Unfortunately I couldn't photograph the Sushi because the "pallets" were already empty by then. The supply was indeed 'volatile'. Here are a few excerpts.

What do you see here? I see "inner peace" - The Grilled Ganga Parshe..."- RAW Material!
Here's my "inner peace"  taking a stroll into the realm of salvation : 
The Grilled Ganga Parshe..."
Guess what, the mushrooms looked delightful and tasted heavenly....
Did I talk about those "Sweet nothings"? Here's a lively specimen....
Yesss...they called it Rum Balls alright....I call it "shameless" indulgence...
“Ek drink to banta hai-“declared the notable Tolly-heart-throb as the associates gradually headed towards the bar. Yes, it needed a “photo-finish” alright!

I guess somebody clamored with the “Ashey bochor abar hobe” beats as the curtains were slowly brought down; perhaps the tummy said “Let’s optimize”…yet the instinct asserted “Dear Friend, the saga has just begun…"!

And then, statistics don't matter...here's a few of my "award"-winning favorites.
There there....you must be wondering....who actually wrote this post..
Presenting the Official bloggers of the Telegraph Food Guide Awards 2013, Powered by Signature ~

Titas Kar (Left) and Moi (Right)

P.S. I am not DONE yet :P ! And here's what the "esteemed" ones had to say; Here comes the The Reactions" section.....

*And well all' s well that ends well....*
And last but not the least cheers to Live in Style for the official invites. 
Hi Five fellas...You people gifted us some memorable moments alright.

*** Time to present the other bloggers covering the event...catch their perspective as well"...

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