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Madras Cafe: "Decoding Bloodshed"....

Well then! Those posters would have been trampled all along by the enthusiastic mob making way to the those stats and figures that state “top-gross collection”, “record breaking box-office jackpot” and other illustrious facts. I guess these multiplexes have run out of their “pop-corn” supply over the last couple of weekends, but then Shoojit Sircar had perhaps envisaged a “moral victory” harvesting on the trails of the so called “block-buster” Chennai Express.

It was a surprisingly deserted assembly at the Cinemax, Mani Square, on Saturday, 24th August 2013…effectively, the very next day post the movie release. I guess, it’s a gross misnomer to define it as a “movie”, “judicious documentation” would perhaps be the perfect terminology. I have always been inclined towards an art-from that depicts the true face of reality; Madras CafĂ© formulates an intransigent bridge between reality, its related facts and the essence of fiction. These facts, unspoken to some extent, portray the darkest side of the Indian political history…the thrilling delineation of a “bureaucratic upheaval” did open up ends….it does unveil a “story” that ripped through the Nation in the early 90’s.

The crux of this representation lies in a “self-destructive” mod-us operand-i; an uncompromising battle of sorts that never decided a clear winner, but snatched away innocent lives at ease. The conflict that had it’s roots deep within, never found it’s true amelioration. The boundaries of geography were transcended as a result; the conspiracy that revolved around Jaffna, Sri Lanka, extended it’s vicious lineage across to London and Bangkok….it seemed as if the “satanic” charm of dominance had got the better of humanity, the chimera had firmly gripped mankind…there was no escape route. The civil war that raged through a nation could have been ameliorated through a mutual bond of co-operation, but the dark and cutting “pursuit of power” called for agonizing devastation.

Leaks and betrayals didn't help the cause either; a saga of annihilating blood-bath, violence and nepotism surfaced as a result. And the aftermath? – A despairing loss for the country…a loss that would perhaps resound perpetually, it would haunt an entire Nation for centuries….Are we still looking for explanations? Are we still looking for a “winner”? Are we still hunting down those stacks of “files” that depict a distorted face of reality? Was Anna really the “villain”? – The questions are numerous, yet the answers unique. A combat is “ineffectual”, marred with the quintessence of "hollowness"…the trails of ruthless destruction does “inspire” creation….it opens up fissures for external invasion…the penetration that would perhaps be attributable to those nefarious minds who would sell off their “motherland” for the sake of personal augmentation. The Rest are merely details.
The fearless narration of facts had a double sided implication:
  • It did undermine the on-screen “players” because the script was the ultimate hero.
  • It did send across a strong message- “Trends hardly speak the true story”...reality appeals more!

“I’m impressed with the fact that commercialism didn't intrude in this heart-rending chronicle…and the strategic exp-unction of ‘songs’ was BIG HIT”; my analytic friend rightly pointed out as the curtains slowly “went down”.

“What impressed me is the compactness & the to-the-point outline….it never seemed to divert from the point” …that’s what my mom conjectured. We were in perfect sync on these lines.

“I think it’s irrelevant to judge John or Nargis, because the story gulped them in BIG time….the facts were overwhelming”….. That’s what my dad asserted; firm and thumping.

Thanks John (for making “IT” count), Shoojit (for making perfect use of your resources) and Shantanu Moitra (for that soul-ful background score)…it was truly an “experience”! 
You people have "decoded the constitution", "decoded the hostility", "decoded the hollowness of annihilation"... impeccably! 
Special mention to Robin Dutt (Siddharth Basu) for controlling the entire flow of events....his on-screen presence is stout and dignified.

My Rating:
Story-line and script- 9/10
Acting- N.A.
Camera-work- 9/10
Background Score- 8/10
Overall- 9/10

Reactions: Let's cumulatively take a dip into the "reactions" insinulated by Madras Cafe...the response is encouraging!

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