Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Signature Dining Experiences....

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food." - George Bernard Shaw 

And here you go.... you'll find plenty of inspiration here if you're a true foodie. All you need to do, is to shuffle all along, browse through the links and the rest would be "history".
Please CLICK on the individual links (inserted in the titles, or on the image associated with every short paragraph to view the entire post)

(“You don’t smell the wine…you NOSE it”….Sneha asserted with a smile….”Try nosing it first before you take a sip!” And we followed the connoisseur’s instructions obediently. We "nosed" it thoroughly before attempting a sip... Read More >> HERE)

(I took a leap to know…
They recommended me to go very slow..The aroma twirled my senses..... Read More >>  HERE )

(Thanks a ton ITC Sonar Bangla for the treat....You did treat the twitter contest winner well... Read More >>  HERE )

Post 4. The Kolkata Foodies' Meet- Burrpinalacious!

(The "foodie by conviction" showed us what HQ (Hunger Quotient) could be..he was about to swallow the entire Burrp! Poster before we came to the rescue. Read More >>  HERE)

Post 5.  The Extended Weekend Foodie Ramble ~ Flame & Grill, Kolkata 

(-Well, things appeared to be slightly tricky when the "Weekend & Holiday" price listing was unfurled...."Whom to select?"
There was a close call between Machan and Flame & Grill on the bustling “Eid”; Read More >>  HERE)

And the list goes on.and on and on and on....will keep updating the same as I post more on my dining experiences. Cheers!

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