Monday, July 1, 2013

The "Dragging" Force....

It's rightly said that "every-day" in itself brings in a new set of lessons. It's about how we respond to them.

You can read all those quotes, thrive on all those principles, bring in all those wise thoughts together; but your real self manifests itself when you face the world, when you experience life in its full-throttle.

Quite a dramatic beginning: Right? Let me head over to point in a jiffy. It’s been quite some time now since I started working as a Consultant and believe me, every bit of it has been eventful. The exposure, the kind of assignments, the challenges incorporated in them have proved to be the stepping stone into this world that deals with creating and lending trust. I have been travelling across the country since the last couple of years and this journey has been nothing less than indelible.
I would like to portray one specific incident out here which might prove to be insignificant to many, but it showed me the way ahead; to apply myself according to the "need of the moment" and handling critical situations utilizing the trait called "presence of mind". Let's dig deep!

The D Day had set in and I was off- heading to an important client meeting with the IT Secretary of the state in coalition with team-lead; we had a critical proposal to present and convince the representatives of the state to "buy it" without even a bit of skepticism; it was definitely a challenging task.
The all-India transport strike didn't help either. And to complicate our woes, the gate-keepers at the “Bhavan” won’t let us enter without the official permit. Sigh! The slightest bit of details had skipped our apprehensive mind; who would have known......
In spite of repeated appeal, they refused to comply. They were determined; the "rules" were too stringent it seemed. Their ruthless eyes extracted the last bit of was almost certain that an "empty handed retreat" was on the cards. 

The team lead was however, astonishingly calm amid-st all the drama. He stepped aside from the scene and stood there patiently, staring blankly that the top-most "destination" of the "sky-scraping" construction. 
I was literally in tears by then. I could sense "a glowing possibility" on the verge of being ruthlessly extinguished. I felt feeble, forlorn and helpless.
Perhaps "he" sensed my state of mind and decided to capitalize craftily! Perhaps "he" was waiting for the right moment to strike gold.

I could sense one of the guards walking slowly up-to me....that was, conceivably, my last ray of hope! I looked up, sensing a probabilistic "utopia"....but the sequence of events that followed, left me dumb-struck.
In the mean-while, I was about to call the partner back in Delhi; to appraise him of the rusty proceedings, to enumerate the saga of our "glorious failure"....when I felt a gentle tap on my back.
I had just turned around in reverie when those repulsive words compelled me to disconnect the call; .....believe me, those words are re-sounding in my ears RIGHT NOW.... even when I am writing this piece. Profound is perhaps the right terminology to define it's impact.

“Saheb, yeah Mobile kitni ki hogi?”- those greedy eyes were shining radiantly as they were fixed on my brand new Nokia X7.
“Eh...Why?”- I was completely taken aback by his facial expression, it was draped in an "ugly" red.

“Saheb...itni baadi project lagne waali hain...aur aap hain ke ek mobile pe aatkein hain”- there was a sudden sense of anticipation in his voice.
“How the hell did he know this?”- I murmured; he was not supposed to know anything about our prospective subject of visit. Honestly, I was still recovering from the initial shock, and this was even bigger.

“Saheb....sab khabar rehta hain hume....apne dimag pe zoor maat daaliye”- as if he read my mind.

“Ek mobile ki to baat hain...mobiles ke kaam hain pockets mein rehna...chahe wo KIS KI bhi pocket ho”- his churlish utterance, as if he was trying to "convince me". There was no sense of fear, no reluctance in his voice WHAT SO EVER. It was revealingly naked.

I could sense Shomik (the team lead) slowly walking up to us...the guard, in the mean-while had almost dragged me behind the hinterland; I was in a trace by then, completely numb......

We were almost half an hour late in the process......

I closed my eyes....our reputation was at stake. A retreat without dividends could prove to be a body blow...both personally as well as with respect to the "bigger picture"

I suddenly experienced a jerk...An impulsive "pull" that ALMOST dragged me forcefully towards the Main Entrance.

“Wait RIGHT there”- he shouted as he shoved those guards aside with his strongly built elbows and dragged me inside the premises.

"His" counterparts tried impede our path, but Shomik's (team lead)'s "pace" was completely unmatched. I could sense the "intent" behind his "snatch" as we rushed off, straight towards the secretary’s chamber leaving those flabbergasted bouncers behind.

Bang! - The Chamber Door was flung open.

“Sir, sorry for being late, I had to deal with your guards before entering. By the way, I guess you should consider increasing their salary so that they could afford a new cell-phone all by themselves”- Shomik asserted as he huffed hastily into the cabin.
The person resting on the other side of the table was dead- silent....

PIN DROP Silence loomed as Shomik quietly unpacked his laptop and started off in style - "So this is our proposal , Sir........"

I saw, I thought, I believed, I clutched, I procrastinated and I extricated the "driving force"...I conceived the true meaning of passion and intent; couldn't have been a better "learning curve" this one! :) This would stay, it would linger in my mind and serve as an inspiration for my future endeavors.

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