Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rendezvous with Speed.....

Well…Well! The stretch where we recorded a whopping 240 Km/hr indeed turned on the screws...! "Vroomm........."

Straight from the Circuit
It was smooth and creamy beginning to be honest yet the directional deviations did prove to be quite a challenge in itself. It was almost a “Drift” to start off with, as the racing vehicle pursued an approximately right-angled trajectory to evade those “abrupt road blocks”. It was almost a snake-ladder run; those curved paths had “danger” written all over them, yet the driver’s proficiency was re-assuring. The first HOT LAP, as they say was testing to the core since the body took a while to adapt to the “Whirl-wind” ride, yet the nascent anxiety was slowly erased off in contemplation of those “on-the-drive-banters" shared by the esteemed professional in control of the proceedings. He was completely absorbed into the drive that seemed to dismantle those limiting impediments; he was thoroughly enjoying the jolting thrust...fighting against the "thrust" with a smile of his face. "Inner peace" - he uttered.

Towards the end of the first lap, that's when the butterflies prevailed....

“Keep your head still, my friend”- Mr Singhania conjectured at the 3rd turn …his voice resounded through my headphones carefully plucked inside the padded helmet. I obeyed diligently.
“Are you okay?”- He inquired sedately as the fourth turner appeared right in-front of us; the inertia of motion was trying to drag us in front as the efficient and secure gripping system managed to hold us back. I felt like throwing up under the impact of a forceful jerk, but the very fact that we were leading the dummy race, kept my spirits alive. Of course, the race had every making of transforming into an experience of a life-time. "Yes"- I nodded.

The Speed Fest had begun by then and we were blazing at over 200 Km/Hr
A Dazzler at the Pit Stop, BIC

It was perhaps my second sojourn to the magnificent Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida; and of course my first ever entry into the pit-stop that showcased some of the best ever automobiles gearing up for a friendly run. Statistics say that the entire course covers 5.14 Km in distance and approximately 14 meters in width with 60 laps at a stretch. "The perfect hunting ground for speed-fanatics!", the local engineer exclaimed; the opportunity presented by Mr. Singhania was perhaps a “framing moment” for any die hard F1 fan.
The Lamborghini at the Pit Stop, BIC
A journey that commenced with raring aspirations from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi unfurled it’s perfect pinnacle with the manifestation of speed that gutted the creamy boulevard at the BIC. The atmosphere was calm to start off with, primarily because it was a private event specially organized by Mr. Gautam Singhania, the face behind Raymond; yet the staccato of the cutting "vrooming" cacophony that echo-ed around the semi filled stadium instigated unscripted thrill.The reception was as grand as the event, yet the early nerves were gripping us to the core,we were about to experience the “ride of a lifetime” !….

Goosebumps raged as the indemnity bonds were thoroughly inspected and access granted to the rider’s den- the elusive pit-spot where the likes of Vettel, Webber, Schumi and Karthikeyan have scripted a saga of unprecedented momentum.

That's Mr Singhania's prized possession, the Ferrari that rode off to glory....
Straight from the Circuit
Half way through the HOT lap…I was almost tranquilized by the spell of alacrity and breezy endeavor coupled with the exceptional professionalism of the "chauffeur"….those laps seemed to be scripting memories on the run. A groovy association had set in during the latter half of the race when the nerves settled in and the body movements synchronized with the curves. The weather was un-characteristically pleasant; the waves of the lulling zephyr complimented the speed-fest. The last 1o turns seemed to be a cake-“walk”.
“Wanna drive?”- Mr Singhania giggled as we completed our last lap. The team waiting the Pit-Stop rushed towards the “valiant” Ferrari; I could sense the level of excitement in the air as I stepped out unwillingly. I was almost a star by then….. 

The Rider's thumping signature on his "Prized Ferrari"...
That's how the giant was "resting" prior to the "race for pride" 
The Exquisite Buddh International Circuit- All Set for the EPIC Race....
That's when the Ferrari creamed the BIC...the momentum that ruled the track..
And it was OFF in a flash....resuming the "HOT PURSUIT"....
P.S. -- All images are clicked by me and copyright protected. 

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