Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sensitization ALERT: A short take!

Well, we talk of transformation; we talk of novelty for the betterment of our current state of matters. What about the acceptance of this “change”? Let’s explore.
As a consultant specializing in e-Governance, the very fact that “change needs time to establish” looms in my mind. Experience says that any possible scheme introduced by the Government hasn't tasted immediate success primarily because of the inadequacy of beneficiary sensitization.

And talking about digital interactive classrooms, the idea, in-spite of being efficacious and benign, lacks in this very basic principle of proper channelized sensitization. Well, a statistical survey has revealed that on an average 7 out of 10 parents possess completely vague ideas on the mode of operation of a digital classroom; confusing circles around the “inclusion of computers in the curriculum”. The primary essence of digital classrooms, centralized around creating a completely different mode of teaching, has not been propagated in practice. Furthermore, the perception of an exorbitantly high course-fee has also eluded the masses. There’s also a distinct lack of clarity between the impact of “knowledge through books” and that through interactive digital white boards.

Can the educational bodies consider this very aspect of running two parallel courses under the same curriculum at a comparable course fee-structure, to provide a platform for comparison in terms of “development” and judging the re-modeled mode of teaching? How about promoting the entire concept through the use of social media? How about arranging frequent seminars/workshops involving parents, facilitating them with demos & hands-on experience with respect to the mode of operation?
To Sum It Up, the basic idea is to galvanize the prospect of a speedy acceptance of a “path-defining system”; it goes without saying that the digital interactive mode is the path-finder….let’s harvest it’s nascent presence.

Need reference? Here you go....
The mode of teaching: Interactive, e-Minded, e-fficient..
The mode of teaching: Digital interactive white-board...
P.S. The write-up has been purposely restricted to around 250 words, crisp & to-the point, will write more in due course of time...

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