Friday, June 21, 2013

From Banaras to JNU - The EPIC Ride!

Well, to be honest, I didn't have much hope entering Screen No.2, RDB Big Cinemas, Sector V, Salt Lake….I expected this to be just another mundane love story; A.R. Rahman’s music was the only hope. 

The very first scene shook me….a dead-person is talking…WOW….!
Okay, perhaps, an bitterly injured person is narrating! NO?! 
Never-mind…what transpired there-after was not just special or unique but different in many aspects.
  • A metamorphosis in the so-called concept of a “hero” dictating the terms of the story….it’s more of a story and it's spirit leading the way.
  • The general perception of a "chemistry" that drives a love-story has been challenged hard and loud in this unconventional love flick.
  • It shows that even the most banal and commonplace of all entities possesses the potential to transform himself into something extraordinary driven by a surge of inspiration.
  • It takes a dip into the indefatigable and devout social stigma, yet shows us a glimmer of hope- to transcend the barriers of cast, religion and creed; the journey as a result could well be impending.
  • And of course, the saga of innocence in the first half made way for a dark and gloomy contingency in the second half; establishing another very relevant aspect of this creation…love and power has mingled to form the backbone of this movie; you can’t ignore either of the two.
The story that started off with a surge of fresh air from the Ghats of Banaras depicting the essence of a rich Indian culture and heritage, found it’s driving force at the vibrant JNU (Delhi) campus; the campus that has proved to be the platform that nurtures intrinsic fire-power over the years. It seemed as if the entire movie is based out of the quintessence of an indomitable spirit of adulation that drove a person to pierce his veins on a number of occasions, but the real spirit was actually embedded in the rebellious open air theaters or the “lively” canteens of an institute which has not only produced scholars, but determined “leaders” since it’s inception.

The way an uncharacteristically weak-built, debilitated and “chicken-legged” Kundan (played by Dhanush) coped up with and assimilated in the campus insurgence was indeed another brilliant bit of delineation by Aanand Rai.
The film actually took a journey into the depths of human psychology as well; Bindiya’s self-less love, Murari’s concord, Rashmi’s strong inner self and Kundan’s father’s silent dominance showed the mature depiction of the various colors of the human nature. 

The film, furthermore, does possess that wonderful touch of gaiety; it keeps you fastened to the seat-belts during the entire sequence of the flow; you CAN'T take your eyes off. Dialogues like “Tumhara pyaar na ho gaya… UPSC ka exam ho gaya, Dus saal se paas hi nahi ho raha” or “Aashiq ki tab nahi fatt-ti jab mehbooba ki shaadi ho jaye, par tab fatt-ti hai jab khud ki shaadi ho”; have actually made a huge impact on the grace-quotient. The transformation of an innocent love story into a heart-rending tragedy has been constructed through an amazing bridge of ignorance (on the part of Zoya- played by Sonam Kapoor) and determination (on the part of Kundan- played by Dhanush).

Sonam Kapoor, well well! I’d rather say that the crux of her character expressed itself to the fullest in the last 10 minutes of the movie; her speech in the press conference towards the end of the movie dictated the development in her acting skills over the past couple of years. She did a fairly good job in the movie. However, her apparent memory loss just after coming back to Banaras from the JNU campus was a bit striking to the eyes. However, she made up for it soon after.

Abhay Deol, as he specializes in character roles, has impressed yet again. His signature ensemble in a Kurta and Denims, with those occasional shades did come across with a surge of freshness. This man has a really LONG way to go; would have loved to see more of him in the movie though. This short-lived presence actually stitched the story-line perfectly...well planned and timed presence in the sequence.

And, last but not the least- Mr Rajnikant’s son-in-law – OUT-OF-THE-WORLD performance; carrying over from where he left in 3, Dhanush made his “feeble” presence felt; those dazzling expressions during the entire flow of events literally KILLED us! The bullet that ripped him apart shook the “house” -full of mesmerized viewers to the core; yes I repeat…the bullet-ed performance actually killed all of us in bewilderment and the spirit of admiration.

A.R. Rahman, as usual, was fantastic...this was a new challenge for him, going ahead and announcing Kundan's role through his notes; and as usual, the man was spectacular.  His creations coming in sync with the semblance of ever-graceful lanes and by-lanes  of Banaras was resplendent. Raanjhnaa, indeed, brought out another aspect of Rahman's talent...his versatility! 

I'm planning to watch it again next week. What about you? Do share your feedback in the comments section.

My Rating:
Story-line and script- 8/10
Acting- 9/10
Camera-work- 9/10
Music- 8/10
Overall- 8.5/10

Still from Raanjhnaa (Image Courtesy : Google)

P.S. KRK has an interesting set of views on the same movie. Watch at your own risk :D

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