Thursday, June 13, 2013

Am I 'DRIFT'ing Away?

I looked into my watch to console…
The lesson onerous…
The deadlines cutting through….The superiors struggling to find the loophole!
The days were lame and the nights to blame…
Life had taken a baleful toll…
It’s indeed a noxious game!
I looked for inspiration and found none…
The flakes were burnt yet the impact undone.

The Detrimental Corporate Dead-Lock, the Dead-lock that pegs you back!*
Doomed on an island with gadgets to spare…
Expressions seemed to lose their way….
And disappeared into thin air!
Those eyes had dropped and the vision blurred…
"Un-comforting" numbness had set in….
 And liberation seemed pretty absurd!
I hankered for reverie…
I hankered for vindication…
Till I scouted the route to inner peace!

I “shaked it” with my frayed fingers…
And threw the bottle far away…
Into the realm of penetrating blankness….
Into the seas of the unknown….
In search of the incognito…
In search of the unthinkable….
And kept waiting for my answers….
I “looked around” for inspiration….
And when the missives were picked up….
It seemed nothing less than an aberration!

That's the Short-Cut to Salvation,the Green n White Bliss : Pin To Start!

“Go on bravely. Do not expect success in a day or a year.”
The hysteria had gripped me tight enough….
My hands never shook in apathy….
The voice that resounded on the island of doom…
Was a voice that soothed!!
“Unshackle me” – I screamed…..
He laughed harmoniously….the saffron tranquilized..
My trance had just been broken….
With the cutting morale of life!
“GOD of truth, be Thou alone my guide…
His intonation had sedately turned the tide.
I couldn’t walk away from the flare….
My dripping spirits were revived.
I looked ahead and “held to talk”……
The muse was broken by a chirping sea hawk.

waited for an hour near the sea that spoke….
Those desolate bottles kept floating…
My emotions were broke!
The replenishing hopes took a dip again….
I was locked in the realm of blankness yet again!

Not long before I heard the BEEP....….
The result prodigious,
And the "timing" absolutely supreme....
couldn't believe my eyes as the message unfurled....
“Copy-book” and “elegance” marked the entrance!
“The wall” of dedication soon flashed on the veil….
The knocking punch was a defining as real steel!
The opportunity was matchless and the class peerless…
"Patience is the key, the rest restless"....
“I left with grace; I never fell apart in the era of pace”!
“I believed in a self-less game”; he said….
“And I never looked behind…” the sweet spot was redefined…..
The master of the game sounded calm and sedate!
The bouncers were lethal…he was never too late!
I tried to "grab hold", he was too far away...
The “hold to talk” spirit ditched me again….
The legend was gone before the senses would regain!

ong lost words and long lost hopes….
Licked sunshine and turned murky again!!
The striker had left the stumps….
My feet were shaking and the fingers numb!
“Looking around” was the last resort….
The results couldn't help but glow in distort!
The stigma dilated and the intensity rose….
Only minutes before I “heard” the legend..
That too from very very close.

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance;
 It is the illusion of knowledge”.....
The aberrant voice cut through the mess!
“Quiet people have the loudest minds”…He said!
Enough said!
The sequel of blissful adaptation had already made a mark…
The man who stood up and defeated the dark!
“What did you observe?” – I wouldn't let "this" go!
The voice reverberated, the walkie-talkied flow!
“The hypothesis is backdated my boy; test it before you sow”!
“I have lost my track in the black holes of verve”, I cried.
“Kid, I have done it from the wheel-chair”, he defied.
“Things are changing so fast Sir…show me the way”….I struggled.
“Intelligence is the key my child, adapt with a smile”..!
And he was gone…
He disappeared into the sea of unsolved equations!

Darkness was setting in again,
The web had been woven....
And the island looked lurid and spooky…
The mystery of “death” had almost seeped in!
The fear had almost eclipsed my senses….
The transition was marked….
Yet the spirit of the “magic app” would lurk!

“Are you kidding me?”- The voice was familiar.
The tone scurrilous and affirming…
The break-even surge pretty much pre-defining!
“I play with realities and turn them surreal”….
“I have fabricated a show that’s sanity’s funeral”….
“I salute the ones who test their limit”…
“And abuse the ones who are born to submit…”
“Which side do you belong?”... far from being vexed...
“An aspiring Roadie, Sir”…I was perplexed.
“Then no one can VOTE you out”…He grinned.
“I have a scroll for you my friend…..”
“The task is to survive alone….”
“No twist on this one….it’s not your dumping zone”!
The resounding voice evaporated, leaving me deserted in the flow.

The mark was set and the words paramount…
I hated to gauge the level of drama....
The deadlines were dead as of now!!
I stood still…the pursuance short-lived…
I now had my moments to reflect and relive!
Oh Wait….I “shaked” it again...Yes I believe!

“Wanna wreck the roads with pace?” – The stranger giggled!
“Oh wait”….
The turbulent sound of the engine to follow.....
“Yes you got it right buddy…
The network on my track might be shallow ”!
It was hard to believe and still I did!
“Guess what I’m rolling at a 350 borne speed”…
“Schumi…how did I find you?” – I Clamored..
“I was creaming the boulevard…you caught me on the go…”
“What’s your driving force?”- my voice trembled.
“The zeal to leave others behind….”
“Ain't you afraid?”
“Even the atrocities of life are lagging behind….”
“WAIT, do you see the shore….”- he was ecstatic!
Yes I could see the ray of hope….
I could see the familiar bay…
“Champagne sprinklers on your buddy….”
I could devour on his parting Vroom!

“You dosed off in a client meeting?”
The ugly character stood right beside….
With the ugliest of expressions to decide.
I SHOVED him away as I stood up to leave….

The thumping message flashed on “WeChat” .
And the sender?
One of the pioneers in “letting go”!

"We'l do it together"- it implied...

And added those voices in a crew.....
Private time beckons,my dear readers...
Time to bid a "networked" Adieu!

Excerpts From Our Private Chat Conversation (Sssh...Private it is....)

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