Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sensitization ALERT: A short take!

Well, we talk of transformation; we talk of novelty for the betterment of our current state of matters. What about the acceptance of this “change”? Let’s explore.
As a consultant specializing in e-Governance, the very fact that “change needs time to establish” looms in my mind. Experience says that any possible scheme introduced by the Government hasn't tasted immediate success primarily because of the inadequacy of beneficiary sensitization.

And talking about digital interactive classrooms, the idea, in-spite of being efficacious and benign, lacks in this very basic principle of proper channelized sensitization. Well, a statistical survey has revealed that on an average 7 out of 10 parents possess completely vague ideas on the mode of operation of a digital classroom; confusing circles around the “inclusion of computers in the curriculum”. The primary essence of digital classrooms, centralized around creating a completely different mode of teaching, has not been propagated in practice. Furthermore, the perception of an exorbitantly high course-fee has also eluded the masses. There’s also a distinct lack of clarity between the impact of “knowledge through books” and that through interactive digital white boards.

Can the educational bodies consider this very aspect of running two parallel courses under the same curriculum at a comparable course fee-structure, to provide a platform for comparison in terms of “development” and judging the re-modeled mode of teaching? How about promoting the entire concept through the use of social media? How about arranging frequent seminars/workshops involving parents, facilitating them with demos & hands-on experience with respect to the mode of operation?
To Sum It Up, the basic idea is to galvanize the prospect of a speedy acceptance of a “path-defining system”; it goes without saying that the digital interactive mode is the path-finder….let’s harvest it’s nascent presence.

Need reference? Here you go....
The mode of teaching: Interactive, e-Minded, e-fficient..
The mode of teaching: Digital interactive white-board...
P.S. The write-up has been purposely restricted to around 250 words, crisp & to-the point, will write more in due course of time...

Friday, June 21, 2013

From Banaras to JNU - The EPIC Ride!

Well, to be honest, I didn't have much hope entering Screen No.2, RDB Big Cinemas, Sector V, Salt Lake….I expected this to be just another mundane love story; A.R. Rahman’s music was the only hope. 

The very first scene shook me….a dead-person is talking…WOW….!
Okay, perhaps, an bitterly injured person is narrating! NO?! 
Never-mind…what transpired there-after was not just special or unique but different in many aspects.
  • A metamorphosis in the so-called concept of a “hero” dictating the terms of the story….it’s more of a story and it's spirit leading the way.
  • The general perception of a "chemistry" that drives a love-story has been challenged hard and loud in this unconventional love flick.
  • It shows that even the most banal and commonplace of all entities possesses the potential to transform himself into something extraordinary driven by a surge of inspiration.
  • It takes a dip into the indefatigable and devout social stigma, yet shows us a glimmer of hope- to transcend the barriers of cast, religion and creed; the journey as a result could well be impending.
  • And of course, the saga of innocence in the first half made way for a dark and gloomy contingency in the second half; establishing another very relevant aspect of this creation…love and power has mingled to form the backbone of this movie; you can’t ignore either of the two.
The story that started off with a surge of fresh air from the Ghats of Banaras depicting the essence of a rich Indian culture and heritage, found it’s driving force at the vibrant JNU (Delhi) campus; the campus that has proved to be the platform that nurtures intrinsic fire-power over the years. It seemed as if the entire movie is based out of the quintessence of an indomitable spirit of adulation that drove a person to pierce his veins on a number of occasions, but the real spirit was actually embedded in the rebellious open air theaters or the “lively” canteens of an institute which has not only produced scholars, but determined “leaders” since it’s inception.

The way an uncharacteristically weak-built, debilitated and “chicken-legged” Kundan (played by Dhanush) coped up with and assimilated in the campus insurgence was indeed another brilliant bit of delineation by Aanand Rai.
The film actually took a journey into the depths of human psychology as well; Bindiya’s self-less love, Murari’s concord, Rashmi’s strong inner self and Kundan’s father’s silent dominance showed the mature depiction of the various colors of the human nature. 

The film, furthermore, does possess that wonderful touch of gaiety; it keeps you fastened to the seat-belts during the entire sequence of the flow; you CAN'T take your eyes off. Dialogues like “Tumhara pyaar na ho gaya… UPSC ka exam ho gaya, Dus saal se paas hi nahi ho raha” or “Aashiq ki tab nahi fatt-ti jab mehbooba ki shaadi ho jaye, par tab fatt-ti hai jab khud ki shaadi ho”; have actually made a huge impact on the grace-quotient. The transformation of an innocent love story into a heart-rending tragedy has been constructed through an amazing bridge of ignorance (on the part of Zoya- played by Sonam Kapoor) and determination (on the part of Kundan- played by Dhanush).

Sonam Kapoor, well well! I’d rather say that the crux of her character expressed itself to the fullest in the last 10 minutes of the movie; her speech in the press conference towards the end of the movie dictated the development in her acting skills over the past couple of years. She did a fairly good job in the movie. However, her apparent memory loss just after coming back to Banaras from the JNU campus was a bit striking to the eyes. However, she made up for it soon after.

Abhay Deol, as he specializes in character roles, has impressed yet again. His signature ensemble in a Kurta and Denims, with those occasional shades did come across with a surge of freshness. This man has a really LONG way to go; would have loved to see more of him in the movie though. This short-lived presence actually stitched the story-line perfectly...well planned and timed presence in the sequence.

And, last but not the least- Mr Rajnikant’s son-in-law – OUT-OF-THE-WORLD performance; carrying over from where he left in 3, Dhanush made his “feeble” presence felt; those dazzling expressions during the entire flow of events literally KILLED us! The bullet that ripped him apart shook the “house” -full of mesmerized viewers to the core; yes I repeat…the bullet-ed performance actually killed all of us in bewilderment and the spirit of admiration.

A.R. Rahman, as usual, was fantastic...this was a new challenge for him, going ahead and announcing Kundan's role through his notes; and as usual, the man was spectacular.  His creations coming in sync with the semblance of ever-graceful lanes and by-lanes  of Banaras was resplendent. Raanjhnaa, indeed, brought out another aspect of Rahman's talent...his versatility! 

I'm planning to watch it again next week. What about you? Do share your feedback in the comments section.

My Rating:
Story-line and script- 8/10
Acting- 9/10
Camera-work- 9/10
Music- 8/10
Overall- 8.5/10

Still from Raanjhnaa (Image Courtesy : Google)

P.S. KRK has an interesting set of views on the same movie. Watch at your own risk :D

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Aspiring Dad....

They say that he's associated with the spirit of indomitable endurance....
They say that he has been a Trier of sorts…
They say that he has been a risk-taker by passion….
They say that he has launched a battle of this own…
They say that he has never been pegged back…..
They say that he has hunted for those opportunities…
They say that he improvises at will…
They say that he derives inspiration out of nothing….
They say that he has fought his way out….
They say that he is ONE of a kind!!
They say that he is never alone...
They say that he mingles logic and garnishes with piety….
They say that he challenges his own limits…
They say that his CORE resilient as steel….
They say that his innovation has fruits to unveil!
They say that he knows how to get on with the game....
They say that his armor would never remain the same!
They say that his outlook reflects in his choice of apparel...
They say that he redefines the theory of elegance!
They say that he sees hope amid-st darkness…
They say that through his eyes they see a New World….
They say that his meddling yields a whirl!
They say that "those tremors" can’t impede his moves….
Dad, you'r ever-aspiring, they say, you have HIT the grooves!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Am I 'DRIFT'ing Away?

I looked into my watch to console…
The lesson onerous…
The deadlines cutting through….The superiors struggling to find the loophole!
The days were lame and the nights to blame…
Life had taken a baleful toll…
It’s indeed a noxious game!
I looked for inspiration and found none…
The flakes were burnt yet the impact undone.

The Detrimental Corporate Dead-Lock, the Dead-lock that pegs you back!*
Doomed on an island with gadgets to spare…
Expressions seemed to lose their way….
And disappeared into thin air!
Those eyes had dropped and the vision blurred…
"Un-comforting" numbness had set in….
 And liberation seemed pretty absurd!
I hankered for reverie…
I hankered for vindication…
Till I scouted the route to inner peace!

I “shaked it” with my frayed fingers…
And threw the bottle far away…
Into the realm of penetrating blankness….
Into the seas of the unknown….
In search of the incognito…
In search of the unthinkable….
And kept waiting for my answers….
I “looked around” for inspiration….
And when the missives were picked up….
It seemed nothing less than an aberration!

That's the Short-Cut to Salvation,the Green n White Bliss : Pin To Start!

“Go on bravely. Do not expect success in a day or a year.”
The hysteria had gripped me tight enough….
My hands never shook in apathy….
The voice that resounded on the island of doom…
Was a voice that soothed!!
“Unshackle me” – I screamed…..
He laughed harmoniously….the saffron tranquilized..
My trance had just been broken….
With the cutting morale of life!
“GOD of truth, be Thou alone my guide…
His intonation had sedately turned the tide.
I couldn’t walk away from the flare….
My dripping spirits were revived.
I looked ahead and “held to talk”……
The muse was broken by a chirping sea hawk.

waited for an hour near the sea that spoke….
Those desolate bottles kept floating…
My emotions were broke!
The replenishing hopes took a dip again….
I was locked in the realm of blankness yet again!

Not long before I heard the BEEP....….
The result prodigious,
And the "timing" absolutely supreme....
couldn't believe my eyes as the message unfurled....
“Copy-book” and “elegance” marked the entrance!
“The wall” of dedication soon flashed on the veil….
The knocking punch was a defining as real steel!
The opportunity was matchless and the class peerless…
"Patience is the key, the rest restless"....
“I left with grace; I never fell apart in the era of pace”!
“I believed in a self-less game”; he said….
“And I never looked behind…” the sweet spot was redefined…..
The master of the game sounded calm and sedate!
The bouncers were lethal…he was never too late!
I tried to "grab hold", he was too far away...
The “hold to talk” spirit ditched me again….
The legend was gone before the senses would regain!

ong lost words and long lost hopes….
Licked sunshine and turned murky again!!
The striker had left the stumps….
My feet were shaking and the fingers numb!
“Looking around” was the last resort….
The results couldn't help but glow in distort!
The stigma dilated and the intensity rose….
Only minutes before I “heard” the legend..
That too from very very close.

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance;
 It is the illusion of knowledge”.....
The aberrant voice cut through the mess!
“Quiet people have the loudest minds”…He said!
Enough said!
The sequel of blissful adaptation had already made a mark…
The man who stood up and defeated the dark!
“What did you observe?” – I wouldn't let "this" go!
The voice reverberated, the walkie-talkied flow!
“The hypothesis is backdated my boy; test it before you sow”!
“I have lost my track in the black holes of verve”, I cried.
“Kid, I have done it from the wheel-chair”, he defied.
“Things are changing so fast Sir…show me the way”….I struggled.
“Intelligence is the key my child, adapt with a smile”..!
And he was gone…
He disappeared into the sea of unsolved equations!

Darkness was setting in again,
The web had been woven....
And the island looked lurid and spooky…
The mystery of “death” had almost seeped in!
The fear had almost eclipsed my senses….
The transition was marked….
Yet the spirit of the “magic app” would lurk!

“Are you kidding me?”- The voice was familiar.
The tone scurrilous and affirming…
The break-even surge pretty much pre-defining!
“I play with realities and turn them surreal”….
“I have fabricated a show that’s sanity’s funeral”….
“I salute the ones who test their limit”…
“And abuse the ones who are born to submit…”
“Which side do you belong?”... far from being vexed...
“An aspiring Roadie, Sir”…I was perplexed.
“Then no one can VOTE you out”…He grinned.
“I have a scroll for you my friend…..”
“The task is to survive alone….”
“No twist on this one….it’s not your dumping zone”!
The resounding voice evaporated, leaving me deserted in the flow.

The mark was set and the words paramount…
I hated to gauge the level of drama....
The deadlines were dead as of now!!
I stood still…the pursuance short-lived…
I now had my moments to reflect and relive!
Oh Wait….I “shaked” it again...Yes I believe!

“Wanna wreck the roads with pace?” – The stranger giggled!
“Oh wait”….
The turbulent sound of the engine to follow.....
“Yes you got it right buddy…
The network on my track might be shallow ”!
It was hard to believe and still I did!
“Guess what I’m rolling at a 350 borne speed”…
“Schumi…how did I find you?” – I Clamored..
“I was creaming the boulevard…you caught me on the go…”
“What’s your driving force?”- my voice trembled.
“The zeal to leave others behind….”
“Ain't you afraid?”
“Even the atrocities of life are lagging behind….”
“WAIT, do you see the shore….”- he was ecstatic!
Yes I could see the ray of hope….
I could see the familiar bay…
“Champagne sprinklers on your buddy….”
I could devour on his parting Vroom!

“You dosed off in a client meeting?”
The ugly character stood right beside….
With the ugliest of expressions to decide.
I SHOVED him away as I stood up to leave….

The thumping message flashed on “WeChat” .
And the sender?
One of the pioneers in “letting go”!

"We'l do it together"- it implied...

And added those voices in a crew.....
Private time beckons,my dear readers...
Time to bid a "networked" Adieu!

Excerpts From Our Private Chat Conversation (Sssh...Private it is....)

LENS-SPEAK: More Images From The WeChat Gallery, Clicked Through My Lens

That's how we begin after procuring the app from the app-store
That's the "Social Section" of your WeChat App to find New Conections
Keep a tab on the updates by adding the Official WeChat Accounts
This is the outcome of using the "Shake" functionality of your WeChat App
That's the blow-up option manual for the DRIFT Functionality of your App
Record your voice and throw it deep into the sea of possibilities
And when you "LOOK Around" you might find connections  from anywhere

Here's My Small Demo That' Might Help You Use This Application Better- Ahoy!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Kolkata Foodies' Meet- Burrpinalacious!

“Hey come on say cheese” and Manideep was a ready ever!

The "foodie by conviction" showed us what HQ (Hunger Quotient) could be..he was about to swallow the entire Burrp! Poster before we came to the rescue.

And this was the intensity when foodies from different parts of the city assimilated together to celebrate the art of blissful gorging! Yes it is an art for sure.
Life is too short to invest in the boring staple diet- They say; You’d rather Rub a fine piece of bacon on it! ;) This had to be grand!
The emotions were complete jinxed and muddled up by the sudden mood fluctuation in the Kolkata weather; seemed like Mother Nature had enough ideas to add that extra bit of unintended gravy to our Nellore Fish Curry! Not to be. One thing was for sure, the foodie spirit is absolutely indomitable!
What Tamarind Kolkata witnessed last night, was a bunch of exuberant gourmets who could flirt with the “Not-so-foodie” destiny to reach their destination- The destination that gave them plenty to cheer about.

Talking of flirting with the calamities, we could now SAFELY coronate “them” with the title “Roadie” primarily because the Naga Jolokia was one of the HOTTEST topics of discussion (Not that the one’s in our menu disappointed, but the jolokia’s are always too hot to handle, whether on the plate or on the discussion forum). The primary objective of the meet was to create a common platform of interaction amongst the ones who thrive for food, quality food, “hathke food” and of course “healthy food”; surprisingly it brought in plenty more to the table....the primary one being the absolutely mind-blowing menu decided by the coordinator cum innovator Asif. Hats off to you man for deciding upon such an exclusively delectable menu.
With Asif’s experience garnishing the "dish" and Mani’s ever replenishing appetite, we were never "in a soup" hunting for the right combination to pamper our tummy! The assorted soft drinks and the Periyar Peril set the tone for a wonderful late-evening party that had plenty to offer. It was not long before the HQ's were touching their threshold.
“What’s the Menu...?” “Are we going to taste something different....?” “Is it going to be equally congenial for the veggies and the hard core non-veggies?”.... “Is it going to be worth?” – I am sure that these questions would have been circulating in everyone’s minds before Asif's expertise and Tamarind's finesse managed to dazzle us.
The giant LED did malfunction, yet the “Food Powerplay” was speedy and ambrosial; the starters featuring Coorg Chicken Fry and Babycorn Bezule did wonders to uplift our mood when the Kolkata Knight Riders were struggling to get a move on! No-one expected a late surge by Yusuf Pathan, yet, we were pretty much sure of the fact that the Main course would be as blistering as the “slog overs’ carnage”!
The cosy set-up conceptualized by Asif and Co was was planned perfectly in coalition with the theme of the meet- “The South Indian Touch”! The royal semblance had already set the tone for an exemplary "Bhunri-Bhonj" (Tummy Pamper in Bengali).
I could sense Mani itching towards the main course set-up; the starters had presumably charged him up all the more...and there we were....Asif himself showed the way!
Once the “covers were blown up”, it was quite evident that it’s going to be the “meal of a life-time”....the Malabar Parantha has been my all time favorite  never expected that to be a part of this menu! The combination of Steamed Rice mixed with the legendary Ambat(dal) and enchanted with the touch of Kai kari Perattal (Veg Chettinad) was an amazing gratification of being a part of the "Foodie Club". The Vadakkam was palatable as always.
Mani was as USUAL ever-ready with his trademark poses and why not? The photographers do need an inspiration alright...Kidding... the food was “picture-perfect”....! Sigh, the “hungry souls” pounced upon the assortment of the finest South Indian cuisines all at once.....The “memory card” was definitely feeling left out...!

It was not long before our plates were deserted (of course, Asif had instructed us not to change those plates in course of the meal ;)) , yet the refilling the deserted dome wasn’t a challenge at all.
Mutton Pepper Fry was the Powerplayer of the day and Elaneer Payasam the Man of the Match; nobody even bothered to take a look at the Sunrisers Hyderabad’s dominating show; even the heart-rending on-field tussle between Steyn and Pathan looked mundane in contemplation of a treat that the taste-buds would savor forever.
The Gala treat was followed by a photo session which was yet again engulfed with the spirit of effervescence and needed another PICTURE perfect ending to the “show” nevertheless.

WAIT WAIT! Did I just say “END?”
“Dude, have you ever tried the amazing Chinese food at the Tiretti Bazar? It’s an ABSOLUTE early morning treat for all the burrpers in the city!” – I could see the spark in his eyes. The trailer to #FoodiesMeet Part 2 had already been launched. OFFICIALLY!

The amazing Mutton Pepper Fry and the sumptuous Nellore fish curry peeping from behind....

The Nellore fish curry gets a better frame here ;) ........

The mind-blowing veggie delight Kothmiri Paneer........

Doesn't it look absolutely sinful - Kothmiri Paneer.........

The Veggie spectacle Kai Kari Perattal attracted my plate to quite an extent........

Talking of Jolokia, these were no less, looks quite harmless though.........

That's some platter has plenty of diversity in it.....

Aaaand the Man of the Match- The Sweet Ending by Elaneer Payasam, the super hit!.........

The last and NOT the least...the one who paved the way for such an interesting event- Burrp!.....

P.S - The ones who missed out on this one, make sure you join in on the early morning endeavor next month...loads of fun and grace guaranteed.
For more snapshots from the event click here: Burrp! Foodies Meet Kolkata @Tamarind.

And DO NOT forget to log on to; keep posting your reviews and get rewarded, TADA!

The complete menu would be as follows:

Starter (Drinks Catergory):
  • Assorted Soft drink
  • Periyar peril
Starter (Food Category):
  • Coorg Chicken Fry
  • Babycorn Bezule
Main Course (Food Category):
  • Steamed Rice
  • Ambat(dal)
  • Kai kari Perattal(Veg Chettinad)
  • Kothmiri Paneer
  • Mutton Pepper Fry
  • Nellore Fish Curry
  • Appam + Malabar Paratha
Main Course (Special Delights):
  • Green salad + Curd Chilly + Vadakkam
  • Curd rice
Sweet Ending:
  • Elaneer Payasam(coconut Payasam)
* Apart from depicting the mind-blowing experience, this Blog post would perfectly sync with Indiblogger's latest lip-smacking contest brought about in coalition with ITC Kitchens of India.
You'd know that "experience" does help formulating better results for the future and the menu depicting the "Best of the South" would perhaps serve as the Gourmet solution for yet another "hadke" weekend. My recommendation? Go for the KILL! Keep the buds rolling :D

Well and replication such a GRAND MENU with the touch of home-made elegance would not be much of a challenge though....! Primarily because when the solution is almost READY made, you would perhaps need to improvise JUST a bit to give it a TWIST. Let's PLUG in the super-"ready" - Kitchens of India Menu in  bits and pieces primarily to re-live those savory moments yet again...and that too with a blistering bend! Let's how I can add the KOI flavor into the pre-decided menu.

The Customized Main Course (Food Category):
  • The "Evergreen" Steamed Rice; can't dare to experiment with this one :D
  • The Delectable Dal Bukhara as the substitute for Ambat (dal)
  • Kai kari Perattal giving way to the scorcho-delight Mirch Ka Salan.
  • The Slurrpy Chicken Chettinad to be introduced out of the blues :D
  • Kothmiri Paneer giving way to the sizzling Paneer Darbaari
  • The Mutton Pepper Fry to face a metamorphosis with the application of the Mutton Kolhapuri Mix
  • The Nellore Fish Curry, my favorite, to be reserved without experimentation :D
  • Appam to stay as well, it's the "calm-ness quotient" of the entire meal....
  • Malabar Paratha served with an addendum of the delectable Mango Garlic Chutney
The Improvised Main Course (Special Delights):
The "Extra" Sweet Ending:
  • Elaneer Payasam (coconut Payasam), another innovation is BOUND to Stay!
  • The sweet ending fabricated with the inception of the Hazoori Petha Halwa
Here you go; the "RAW materials" from the Kitchens of India library to transmute & customize the "tasted" menu
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