Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Kolkata Foodies' Meet- Burrpinalacious!

“Hey come on say cheese” and Manideep was a ready ever!

The "foodie by conviction" showed us what HQ (Hunger Quotient) could be..he was about to swallow the entire Burrp! Poster before we came to the rescue.

And this was the intensity when foodies from different parts of the city assimilated together to celebrate the art of blissful gorging! Yes it is an art for sure.
Life is too short to invest in the boring staple diet- They say; You’d rather Rub a fine piece of bacon on it! ;) This had to be grand!
The emotions were complete jinxed and muddled up by the sudden mood fluctuation in the Kolkata weather; seemed like Mother Nature had enough ideas to add that extra bit of unintended gravy to our Nellore Fish Curry! Not to be. One thing was for sure, the foodie spirit is absolutely indomitable!
What Tamarind Kolkata witnessed last night, was a bunch of exuberant gourmets who could flirt with the “Not-so-foodie” destiny to reach their destination- The destination that gave them plenty to cheer about.

Talking of flirting with the calamities, we could now SAFELY coronate “them” with the title “Roadie” primarily because the Naga Jolokia was one of the HOTTEST topics of discussion (Not that the one’s in our menu disappointed, but the jolokia’s are always too hot to handle, whether on the plate or on the discussion forum). The primary objective of the meet was to create a common platform of interaction amongst the ones who thrive for food, quality food, “hathke food” and of course “healthy food”; surprisingly it brought in plenty more to the table....the primary one being the absolutely mind-blowing menu decided by the coordinator cum innovator Asif. Hats off to you man for deciding upon such an exclusively delectable menu.
With Asif’s experience garnishing the "dish" and Mani’s ever replenishing appetite, we were never "in a soup" hunting for the right combination to pamper our tummy! The assorted soft drinks and the Periyar Peril set the tone for a wonderful late-evening party that had plenty to offer. It was not long before the HQ's were touching their threshold.
“What’s the Menu...?” “Are we going to taste something different....?” “Is it going to be equally congenial for the veggies and the hard core non-veggies?”.... “Is it going to be worth?” – I am sure that these questions would have been circulating in everyone’s minds before Asif's expertise and Tamarind's finesse managed to dazzle us.
The giant LED did malfunction, yet the “Food Powerplay” was speedy and ambrosial; the starters featuring Coorg Chicken Fry and Babycorn Bezule did wonders to uplift our mood when the Kolkata Knight Riders were struggling to get a move on! No-one expected a late surge by Yusuf Pathan, yet, we were pretty much sure of the fact that the Main course would be as blistering as the “slog overs’ carnage”!
The cosy set-up conceptualized by Asif and Co was appreciable...it was planned perfectly in coalition with the theme of the meet- “The South Indian Touch”! The royal semblance had already set the tone for an exemplary "Bhunri-Bhonj" (Tummy Pamper in Bengali).
I could sense Mani itching towards the main course set-up; the starters had presumably charged him up all the more...and there we were....Asif himself showed the way!
Once the “covers were blown up”, it was quite evident that it’s going to be the “meal of a life-time”....the Malabar Parantha has been my all time favorite  never expected that to be a part of this menu! The combination of Steamed Rice mixed with the legendary Ambat(dal) and enchanted with the touch of Kai kari Perattal (Veg Chettinad) was an amazing gratification of being a part of the "Foodie Club". The Vadakkam was palatable as always.
Mani was as USUAL ever-ready with his trademark poses and why not? The photographers do need an inspiration alright...Kidding... the food was “picture-perfect”....! Sigh, the “hungry souls” pounced upon the assortment of the finest South Indian cuisines all at once.....The “memory card” was definitely feeling left out...!

It was not long before our plates were deserted (of course, Asif had instructed us not to change those plates in course of the meal ;)) , yet the refilling the deserted dome wasn’t a challenge at all.
Mutton Pepper Fry was the Powerplayer of the day and Elaneer Payasam the Man of the Match; nobody even bothered to take a look at the Sunrisers Hyderabad’s dominating show; even the heart-rending on-field tussle between Steyn and Pathan looked mundane in contemplation of a treat that the taste-buds would savor forever.
The Gala treat was followed by a photo session which was yet again engulfed with the spirit of effervescence and gaiety....it needed another PICTURE perfect ending to the “show” nevertheless.

WAIT WAIT! Did I just say “END?”
“Dude, have you ever tried the amazing Chinese food at the Tiretti Bazar? It’s an ABSOLUTE early morning treat for all the burrpers in the city!” – I could see the spark in his eyes. The trailer to #FoodiesMeet Part 2 had already been launched. OFFICIALLY!

The amazing Mutton Pepper Fry and the sumptuous Nellore fish curry peeping from behind....

The Nellore fish curry gets a better frame here ;) ........

The mind-blowing veggie delight Kothmiri Paneer........

Doesn't it look absolutely sinful - Kothmiri Paneer.........

The Veggie spectacle Kai Kari Perattal attracted my plate to quite an extent........

Talking of Jolokia, these were no less, looks quite harmless though.........

That's some platter man...it has plenty of diversity in it.....

Aaaand the Man of the Match- The Sweet Ending by Elaneer Payasam, the super hit!.........

The last and NOT the least...the one who paved the way for such an interesting event- Burrp!.....

P.S - The ones who missed out on this one, make sure you join in on the early morning endeavor next month...loads of fun and grace guaranteed.
For more snapshots from the event click here: Burrp! Foodies Meet Kolkata @Tamarind.

And DO NOT forget to log on to burrp.com; keep posting your reviews and get rewarded, TADA!

The complete menu would be as follows:

Starter (Drinks Catergory):
  • Assorted Soft drink
  • Periyar peril
Starter (Food Category):
  • Coorg Chicken Fry
  • Babycorn Bezule
Main Course (Food Category):
  • Steamed Rice
  • Ambat(dal)
  • Kai kari Perattal(Veg Chettinad)
  • Kothmiri Paneer
  • Mutton Pepper Fry
  • Nellore Fish Curry
  • Appam + Malabar Paratha
Main Course (Special Delights):
  • Green salad + Curd Chilly + Vadakkam
  • Curd rice
Sweet Ending:
  • Elaneer Payasam(coconut Payasam)
* Apart from depicting the mind-blowing experience, this Blog post would perfectly sync with Indiblogger's latest lip-smacking contest brought about in coalition with ITC Kitchens of India.
You'd know that "experience" does help formulating better results for the future and the menu depicting the "Best of the South" would perhaps serve as the Gourmet solution for yet another "hadke" weekend. My recommendation? Go for the KILL! Keep the buds rolling :D

Well and replication such a GRAND MENU with the touch of home-made elegance would not be much of a challenge though....! Primarily because when the solution is almost READY made, you would perhaps need to improvise JUST a bit to give it a TWIST. Let's PLUG in the super-"ready" - Kitchens of India Menu in  bits and pieces primarily to re-live those savory moments yet again...and that too with a blistering bend! Let's how I can add the KOI flavor into the pre-decided menu.

The Customized Main Course (Food Category):
  • The "Evergreen" Steamed Rice; can't dare to experiment with this one :D
  • The Delectable Dal Bukhara as the substitute for Ambat (dal)
  • Kai kari Perattal giving way to the scorcho-delight Mirch Ka Salan.
  • The Slurrpy Chicken Chettinad to be introduced out of the blues :D
  • Kothmiri Paneer giving way to the sizzling Paneer Darbaari
  • The Mutton Pepper Fry to face a metamorphosis with the application of the Mutton Kolhapuri Mix
  • The Nellore Fish Curry, my favorite, to be reserved without experimentation :D
  • Appam to stay as well, it's the "calm-ness quotient" of the entire meal....
  • Malabar Paratha served with an addendum of the delectable Mango Garlic Chutney
The Improvised Main Course (Special Delights):
The "Extra" Sweet Ending:
  • Elaneer Payasam (coconut Payasam), another innovation is BOUND to Stay!
  • The sweet ending fabricated with the inception of the Hazoori Petha Halwa
Here you go; the "RAW materials" from the Kitchens of India library to transmute & customize the "tasted" menu
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Titas said...

Ah....nice mate!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the detailed account of the fun you guys had. Super tempting pictures, I am tempted enough to try cooking them right away.

Heading straight to search for that Mutton Pepper Fry & Kothmiri Paneer.

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Unknown said...

Do send in those recipes if you get them ;)

Asif Iqbal said...

It was a wonderful evening. A get -together of like-minded people having one common passion, Food. Am sure we all enjoyed and would like to do these every month. Mani and you have been pivotol in organizing this event. So a pat on ur back my friend :)

Unknown said...

Thanks haha!

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