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Go Goa Guarded - RAMPANT!

Could you sense a significant difference between the LHS and the RHS?

And you won’t believe, they have been shot within a time-frame of half-an-hour; The Difference? How, when, why? Well let’s come to the point.
These shots were taken at the Calungute beach in Goa just a week back, and believe me I had NO idea that this would actually FIT perfectly in the scheme of things.
Well, “there are something’s in life which money can’t buy”- Yes the literal implication does bear a resemblance with what transpired out of the event- The "EPIC" sample that was sent across by the TRESemmé team did come to rescue.
It was not long before the news had arrived...the news was startling, yet it did manage to send in surges of joy across our camp! We’d just realized that the Gala Shack party cum fashion show was ROUND THE corner.
As a gang of 5 solitary “innocent” guys, this was OUR best chance to “stamp our authority” on the "Goan perspective" or rather "make our presence felt"...Guess what, we were literally shivering out of excitement! The Fashion show was a FREE-STYLE one, and anyone could display his/her "Adaaa" on the floor ;)
The very prospect of hitting the Ramp floor was HIT hard by the undue haste on the part of the organizers. "JUST an hour left" , they announced....we had NO freaking idea that it was actually ON! The voices slowly disappeared, it was overpowered by the roaring seas...we had to do something!
“Man proposes, GOD disposes”- someone muttered while dusting off the excess bit of sand particles off his murky hair....! Yes we did have the TIME of our lives on the Goan beaches, splashing the water onto each other, tattoo-ing...... all sorts of frolic you could imagine.
But "THIS" was BIG!
The "dusty" remnants of our "escapade" was proving to be quite a menace now, we had to get up and get ready within the next couple of minutes. We were almost covered up in a blanket of "filthy" sand, it appeared filthy nevertheless. There was no point in going back to the Hotel in South Goa since it would take another couple of hours to come back to the beach. The Indo-Portuguese sheds were the only hope.

We had NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING in store to nurture our "pan-fried" looks...not even a body wash to get rid of the sticky sand particles clinging onto our bodies resembling iron dust on a “just magnetized  iron ore"! Our poor hair suffered the most; we could sense that the beige coloured filth had already exercised their supremacy on our “cilium content”. I couldn't stare at the shabby mirror in the random shack;I looked shabbier than it's mere appearance! It was going to be a DISASTER.

I frantically searched my messenger-bag with the slightest of “hope”,yet by GOD’s grace, I wasn't disappointed. What came out of the back pocket, was a dual miracle- the shining new pack of the TRESemmé combo...the Shampoo and the conditioner, freshly shipped out by their team!
This was my chance to pick the ace out of the game...I was all IN for an experiment. I had nothing to lose. Let's take a look at what came out of the bag.

The Advanced Technology that "speaks"

The Charmer

The Killer duo!

The "Legendary Pick Up"

Yeah Yeah...I'm not leaving anybody behind

Memories headed back to that mid-summer evening; we were discussing “Style and it’s evolution” then..! My parents were the protagonists though. Dad explained how the concept of  a “Ramp walk" came into the picture and continued through it's change in concept over the years. It was primarily conceptualized out of the “model" as the prime subject in the early 1970’s and now it’s all about the BRAND that supersedes.The discussion had stemmed down to the hairdos, when dad stressed upon the fact that LONG hair constituted the style statement (especially for the male- YES you read it right :P ) . This had it's reflection in the main-stream movies too. “It’s sad", he said, "That now, men have resorted to the shorter format, identical to the does take a lot out of the equation! Guys can harvest their hairdo in an amicable manner dude, they can.” It's obvious that Dad is extremely possessive of his curly hair...he thought that it’s worth flaunting.

“Hey, are you thinking of applying a woman’s hair conditioner?”- DAMN, my trance broke!

I didn't even notice that someone was peeping into the tent...It was the notorious Rahul who had managed to sense my “intentions”.
“Of course this is NOT a woman’s conditioner, and even if it is, who cares? See you at the party” – I was flabbergasted.  What is this discrimination all about? A shampoo's virtue is in protecting the dearest of our possessions; does it have any connection with the gender discrimination? The equation grew even complex. Rahul could perhaps sense my state of mind and left! GLAD HE DID!’s difficult to explain, but it had a sense of “charm” or rather a sense of “softness” around it. I had NO idea of the quantity OR the proportion to apply, but it appeared as if my “ONE TIME-TRIAL” process was quite a normalized one. The strips of my rugged hair seemed to be loving it’s touch. They were relinquishing the flow; the swirly movement of my fingers seemed to add splendor to the "classy congregation”. Classy INDEED. I’ve never felt so comfortable in “treating my over grown hair”. HONESTLY! (I TRY to follow dad to some extent, let me be honest.)

It took me only a couple of DROPS by the way! *Sounded awkward right? :D*

Well, as an absolutely ignorant candidate as far as the “sense of fashion” is concerned, I’m completely un-aware of the terminology, (maybe the others could help me in this direction); but the "whatever style”  that TRESemmé managed to generate, suited me perfectly. Tresemme, TRUST ME!

It’s a PITY that we didn't get a chance to ACTUALLY walk on the ramp, but “their” expression said it all! Yes, I’m referring to my notorious gang headed by Rahul and the Portuguese resplendence (Ssshh...can't elaborate on them RIGHT here ;)). I stayed calm and if NOTHING has actually happened in the last couple of hours... it was TOP of the WORLD feeling, make no mistake! My hairdo was my source of abundant self-confidence, at least for that particular night. 

I had to dig deep to excavate what had actually happened to me, and the secret ws lying right in-front of me. TRESemmé's Youtube channel did remove the curtains and that too in a lucid manner.The channel is actually an un-noticed treasure, the treasure that was pretty much non-existent in my life, the treasure that was unfurled by the prospect of this competition. As a starter, "TRESemmé with Dodo" actually DID the trick! Dodo took me on a RIDE into the styling zone- The Zone that was exclusively reserved for the "models and "show-stoppers"! Now I know the real difference between a conditioner and a shampoo (shocking isn’t it?) and the TRUE meaning of a ramp ready hair!

Catch it RIGHT here, RIGHT now and browse through the subsequent trail videos: TRESemmé with Dodo !

This is MY look TODAY after a “measured” application of the shampoo. Do let me know if you could crown a few innovative names for the "attempt" ;) How about harvesting some "corporate looks" was a part of this enchanting ramp readiness? Well, it's very much in the loop. But as of now, mirror says that the "Good-boy, bad-boy" hairdo suits me the most! Ahoy!

This post is part of the  TRESemmé Ramp-Ready Hair  contest in collaboration with

** All images used in this blog are copyright protected.

P.S Just to give you an IDEA of what I'm looking forward to EXPERIMENT with my hair is precisely what Ayushmann has done with his at the Mumbai based Ramp Walk!  Impressive? I know it is ;) The SPIKES as they call, have been revolutionized in this ERA of Fashion!

© Sammya Brata Photography (More shots from the Event on my official Flickr channel: Sharp Nights 


GLAD said...

Oh man, Sam!
Such a well-written post on a product !! I tell you, if I ever have a 'promotion need', something you strongly feel about, I'd plead (and not pay, you being my good friend! :D ) you to write a promotional post like this one :-)

Keep it up!!
Well done!
Very very proud of you young man! :-)
God bless you.

Unknown said...

Thanks a tonne :D Well I am bad at this!

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