Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dear Mother Nature- Challenge Accepted!

Well then, talking of summers, it’s better to keep it short and crisp.
You can sense that the rising temperatures might just force you to stay indoors, it might just compel you to drive off those ideas of an expedition; it might just peg you back with it’s unlimited delivery of solar “grace”, yet I’d say the “brightness” it unfurls, is exhilarating. And as always, the Indians make an earnest attempt in terms of making this grilling period into something refreshing and enduring.

When the world is succumbing under the impression of the scorching sun, the perched lips refuse to “expose” themselves to the scorching rays, "the traveler in you" gains supremacy...
I could well remember the day when my 80 year-old Grand-ma announced liberation from the realm of heat. She’d already dressed up for a longish outing to the Himalayas when we had to stop her from executing her intentions. Well, that’s India my friend; we’r built in to withstand the atrocities of weather; be it excessive heat in some-parts while people are literally shivering in the other half.

Well, as a Kolkatan, I have seen people “taking on the challenge” with the sultriness and setting sail to the colder parts of the country. If you’re in a cosy summer get-away, make sure that you’r planning your trip well before hand. Experience speaks that the air-tickets would perhaps turn out to be GOLD and train tickets into GOLD-Dust; not much of a difference though.

The ones who couldn’t manage to book a seat in any of the above mentioned transport means, take a dip in-to the in-house get-away zones. And what could be better than a weekend ride along the Ganges into the realm of Nature? Yes, any Kolkatan would know that the Babu Ghat or the Princep Ghat could be the “crowdiest” of zones on a dizzy Summer afternoon. The boatmen would obvious charge some extra bucks in contemplation to the “growing” demand, but tell you what, once you’r adrift on the breast of the Ganges you’r never gonna come back! Well, I was kidding though! The summer “respite” would definitely instigate LOVE on the Go; and make no mistake, your eyes are gonna find their INNER PEACE :-D . You could also trace a new known faces amidst the masses that “roll-over” the greenish tinge at the Victoria memorial; it seems like the city has COME alive on a Summer afternoon!

Well, leave aside the Ganges, people often find it exceptionally thrilling to go out on a road-trip across the meadows, across the suburbs leading them to the charm of the Diamond Harbour or the beaches of Mandarmani...the trips turn out to be a blissful respite.
Talking about the food..Well the Kolkatans never encourage restraints on the consumption rates:-D and they pitch in with the natural forms of “energizers” crowding across the foot-paths of Kolkata, be it fruit juices or Lemon and soda shikhanji...there’s plenty of “inspirations” on offer. Kolkata is WORLD famous for it’s natural forms of “Desi AC” by the way. Jokes apart, there are plenty of hang-out zones around the city that could swipe off the dizziness and lassitude off your minds.

There’s YET another way to escape the heat that’s craving into our city life day by day- Listening to the melodious Rabindra Sangeet does liberate your anguish; and why not, Tagore does have such an intrinsic bond with this city of unprecedented joy!
And last but not the least, this excessive heat doesn’t manage to extract the “endurance” and “exuberance” out of the’d excavate every ODD child securing his sporty laces with utmost care, as if in contemplation to the spirit of sportsmanship. None of the cricket grounds or the football fields would be deserted on a humid summer afternoon. Every drop of sweat seems to bear the mark of exhilaration- That’s India my friend...that’s OUR response to Mother Nature and her Undulating mood :) 

Dear Mother Nature: Challenge Accepted!

Pictographic Representation of "The Indian Summer Endeavors"- With the Kolkatan Flavor

Set Sail into the world of pacification

Witness the Gracious Ganges, Relax and say goodbye to the pain

You can observe the setting sun adding to the charm, Summers huh?

Your shadows would never peg you back... your dominance!

You can never peg them back, irrespective of the heat, they'l cling on

They'l swing hard, as if it's a natural charm....

The enthusiasm despite the unbearable heat, it's the zeal that gets us going

The remnants of a memorable ride....

You can enjoy the bliss...the bliss that's Nature's very own...

That's the radiance extricated from the summer straits...

Keep Calm and ignore the sun....

And you know, there are natural ways to "charge yourself up"...

When you'r fond of your job, nothing can peg you back, not even the heat.

That's the perfect treat on a Scoring summer afternoon....

Wanna join in the ride of a life-time? She's up and ready for it!

The heat has taken a toll on it's path-way, yet the HUNT is on...

And at the EOD, you need to serve your taste buds some worthy inspiration

Pictographic Representation of "The Indian Summer Endeavors"- With the Kolkatan Flavor

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