Thursday, March 21, 2013

"The Rise of a Super-Star: Audi"

Chapter 1. #LoveAudi: The Story
They had risen up with a newer ambition to rage an inferno across the show-rooms!

Chapter 2. #LoveAudi: The Story
They had their eyes directed towards that desolate corner parking the best of all collections!

Chapter 3. #LoveAudi: The Story
They had their complete plan chalked out for the terrific robbery..the biggest of it's kind! BUT.

Chapter 4. #LoveAudi: The Story 
BUT... They had NO idea of what their target was all about! IT was all directed towards the BOSS!

Chapter 5. #LoveAudi: The Story
And they were dazzled by it's mere touch..the shock resistant outfit out-castled them!

Chapter 6. #LoveAudi: The Story 
They were taking by it's sparkling charm! The robbers were pegged back by it's blistering exteriors

Chapter 7. #LoveAudi: The Story
They thought hard,they planned harder,yet everything they sought couldn't be brought into practice!

Chapter 8. #LoveAudi: The Story 
They were mesmerized to say the least! Their jaws dropped when the cover was blown out! She sparkled

Chapter 9. #LoveAudi: The Story 
They were in for some serious action then..the tags started working up BIG time! They couldn't move!

Chapter 10. #LoveAudi :The Story
Yet they started excavating the jewels that form an intrinsic component of the assortment!

Chapter 11. #LoveAudi :The Story
The assortment seemed to be the one to vouch for, seems the best in the world have been brought in!

Chapter 12. #LoveAudi :The Story
And their eyes were fixed! All they knew was that THIS could fetch them a fortune! A bit of guts!

Chapter 13. #LoveAudi :The Story
Yet the machine seemed to be self-protected, the shield of security encompassing it's existence!

Chapter 14. #LoveAudi :The Story
It was carved for the brave; it won't tame was marked with the password of strength!

Chapter 15. #LoveAudi: The Story
It resembled a sleeping volcano, raring to go and crush the barriers! It couldn't be chained down!

Chapter 16. #LoveAudi :The Story
It had the spirit to break the Great wall of China, to challenge it's presence! The FIRM Statement

Chapter 17. #LoveAudi :The Story
It seemed like the bridge that connected the entire world in it's speed-web! The bond spoke!

Chapter 18. #LoveAudi :The Story
It seemed like the world has been painted in Audi's had scripted an era of dominance

Chapter 19. #LoveAudi :The Story
The dragon eyes...suddenly seemed to have gutted the world in it's spirit of rage!

Chapter 20. #LoveAudi :The Story
The guards rushed in from all ends to decipher the mystery lying behind the tyrant! They failed!

Chapter 21. #LoveAudi :The Story
The whole world seemed to have conspired against the beast; yet he has nothing to fear! Will Power

Chapter 22. #LoveAudi :The Story
The opposing forces could neither tame him down; nor could they stem his flow! The rise beckoned!

Chapter 23. #LoveAudi :The Story
And as he crashed out of the gaudy shutters of the show-room, it winked at the robbers!
And with the world speculating on his out-burst, he managed to dazzle them with his glow!

Chapter 24. #LoveAudi :The Story
The covers came up; the robbers gradually realized their mistake...they'd flirted with danger!

Chapter 25. #LoveAudi :The Story
"HE" appeared out of the blues, transcending the barriers of darkness and the "start-up" MAJESTIC! 

Chapter 26. #LoveAudi :The Story
All they could do was to send across baffled looks 2 each other..they succumbed ! 

Chapter 27 #LoveAudi :The Story
He had a rye smile on "his" face! He had re-emphasized his authority over the world now! 

Chapter 28 #LoveAudi :The Story
He had set himself free from all bonds, taking on the ROAD-runners & emerging victorious

Chapter 29 #LoveAudi :The Story
Mother earth was shaken up by this upheaval! She stirred up and rubbed her eyes!

Chapter 30 #LoveAudi :The Story
"Audi ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi...namumkin hai..."- The Demon walked off with a grin!

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