Thursday, March 21, 2013

"The Rise of a Super-Star: Audi"

Chapter 1. #LoveAudi: The Story
They had risen up with a newer ambition to rage an inferno across the show-rooms!

Chapter 2. #LoveAudi: The Story
They had their eyes directed towards that desolate corner parking the best of all collections!

Chapter 3. #LoveAudi: The Story
They had their complete plan chalked out for the terrific robbery..the biggest of it's kind! BUT.

Chapter 4. #LoveAudi: The Story 
BUT... They had NO idea of what their target was all about! IT was all directed towards the BOSS!

Chapter 5. #LoveAudi: The Story
And they were dazzled by it's mere touch..the shock resistant outfit out-castled them!

Chapter 6. #LoveAudi: The Story 
They were taking by it's sparkling charm! The robbers were pegged back by it's blistering exteriors

Chapter 7. #LoveAudi: The Story
They thought hard,they planned harder,yet everything they sought couldn't be brought into practice!

Chapter 8. #LoveAudi: The Story 
They were mesmerized to say the least! Their jaws dropped when the cover was blown out! She sparkled

Chapter 9. #LoveAudi: The Story 
They were in for some serious action then..the tags started working up BIG time! They couldn't move!

Chapter 10. #LoveAudi :The Story
Yet they started excavating the jewels that form an intrinsic component of the assortment!

Chapter 11. #LoveAudi :The Story
The assortment seemed to be the one to vouch for, seems the best in the world have been brought in!

Chapter 12. #LoveAudi :The Story
And their eyes were fixed! All they knew was that THIS could fetch them a fortune! A bit of guts!

Chapter 13. #LoveAudi :The Story
Yet the machine seemed to be self-protected, the shield of security encompassing it's existence!

Chapter 14. #LoveAudi :The Story
It was carved for the brave; it won't tame was marked with the password of strength!

Chapter 15. #LoveAudi: The Story
It resembled a sleeping volcano, raring to go and crush the barriers! It couldn't be chained down!

Chapter 16. #LoveAudi :The Story
It had the spirit to break the Great wall of China, to challenge it's presence! The FIRM Statement

Chapter 17. #LoveAudi :The Story
It seemed like the bridge that connected the entire world in it's speed-web! The bond spoke!

Chapter 18. #LoveAudi :The Story
It seemed like the world has been painted in Audi's had scripted an era of dominance

Chapter 19. #LoveAudi :The Story
The dragon eyes...suddenly seemed to have gutted the world in it's spirit of rage!

Chapter 20. #LoveAudi :The Story
The guards rushed in from all ends to decipher the mystery lying behind the tyrant! They failed!

Chapter 21. #LoveAudi :The Story
The whole world seemed to have conspired against the beast; yet he has nothing to fear! Will Power

Chapter 22. #LoveAudi :The Story
The opposing forces could neither tame him down; nor could they stem his flow! The rise beckoned!

Chapter 23. #LoveAudi :The Story
And as he crashed out of the gaudy shutters of the show-room, it winked at the robbers!
And with the world speculating on his out-burst, he managed to dazzle them with his glow!

Chapter 24. #LoveAudi :The Story
The covers came up; the robbers gradually realized their mistake...they'd flirted with danger!

Chapter 25. #LoveAudi :The Story
"HE" appeared out of the blues, transcending the barriers of darkness and the "start-up" MAJESTIC! 

Chapter 26. #LoveAudi :The Story
All they could do was to send across baffled looks 2 each other..they succumbed ! 

Chapter 27 #LoveAudi :The Story
He had a rye smile on "his" face! He had re-emphasized his authority over the world now! 

Chapter 28 #LoveAudi :The Story
He had set himself free from all bonds, taking on the ROAD-runners & emerging victorious

Chapter 29 #LoveAudi :The Story
Mother earth was shaken up by this upheaval! She stirred up and rubbed her eyes!

Chapter 30 #LoveAudi :The Story
"Audi ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi...namumkin hai..."- The Demon walked off with a grin!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

A consultant tries his luck!

Well then! I had taken it up as a challenge like always!
It was a genuine blow on my booming confidence when Sohini challenged me on an open ended competition that dealt with pampering our respective taste buds. It resembled a challenge that an apprentice had DARED to undertake.
The results were as devastating as expected yet it added some valuable experience to my armory which had never dared to improvise. I would rather go back to my college days; being termed as Mr.Omelette, I used to be my roomies’ sole resort on the day before the semester. There was no one else in the Hall who could cook as good an omelette as I used to...Not boasting by the way!
That adds all the more reason for this out-burst. Dude, the hero from college faces defeat on his debut challenge again a woman? Not done!
And as they say, GOD always throws in a couple of fixing chances; the opportunity to build on your “past” errors and script a leading example.
I had been recently transferred to Shillong owing to a critical assignment led by the Department of Commercial Taxes when I realized that staying all alone was not a good idea. And especially when your cook doesn’t seem to understand even a bit of Hindi or English, your job gets tougher.
Weekends in the Hills seemed to be the worst scenario; nothing to do, nowhere to go, nobody to talk to- And guess what, nothing to eat except the tasteless Rajma and those “pale” Momo(s)...It’s better to walk up to the Seven Sisters Falls and indulge in a full-fledged dive!  Sigh! NOT TO BE!
The trauma had no signs of settling down either. The worst scenario, INDEED, was a self-dictated “attack” by the client...there was ABSOLUTELY no reason why the SeMT head had to come in un-invited for dinner; he had a rye smile on his face that complicated my woes.
With absolutely NOTHING in the kitchen; I had to resort to my friend-philosopher-and-guide MOM, to save the tide and what she sent across over the email within the next half an hour was EPIC.
All she said was to “keep it simple” yet add that bit of spark into the frying pan; it should be a street smart recipe to say the least and here you go!



·         Noodles
·         Fortune Rice Bran Oil
·         Roasted peanuts
·         Prawns
·         Egg
·         Chicken/Veg Broth
·         For Pad Thai Sauce: Red chilli, Garlic, Ginger, Fish sauce/Soya sauce
·         Palm sugar
·         Tamarind juice
·         Herbs: Basil leaves, Chives Spring onions, Coriander leaves, Bean sprouts


1. Boil noodles, drain the water away and set it aside by mixing it with little amount of Fortune Rice Bran Oil.
2. Mix red chilli, garlic, ginger and make a smooth paste of it in mixer grinder.
3. Take a wok, heat it up in low flame and add Palm sugar, little water, tamarind juice, and the chilli paste already made and heat it till a smooth, uniform sauce forms. Set it aside.
4. Take a wok, add Fortune Rice Bran Oil and heat it up. Add prawns and little amount f broth and stir fry it. Add eggs, scramble it. Add some more Fortune Rice Bran Oil and finally the boiled noodles to it. Stir fry the whole thing and add the pad thai sauce to it, salt and chilli flakes. Set it aside.
5. Take some Fortune Rice Bran Oil in a fresh heated pan and add chopped peanuts and all the freshly chopped herbs to it and stir fry. Add this herb mix to the noodles and serve it hot.
6. Last but not the least, Fortune Rice Bran Oil is the heart of the "solution", this is an imperative ingredient that forms the base of this recipe or rather the back-bone. It's time to "take this to the cleaners"

Dunno what that meant. I blindly followed her instructions.
Phew!  And the REST?
................. Was HISTORY! 
All I can say is that it took him a couple of hours to approve our last pending payment!

Now you can "tax" your taste buds as much as you wish to ;)

Annnnnnnd....on the negative aspect, "he" became my permanent uninvited guest! What a waste :D

P.S. She did explain the significance of her "Point number 6" in due course of time. Those are categorically mentioned below.

* This post is a part of Healthy & Tasty Recipe Contest with Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil & 

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