Monday, February 4, 2013

The Mystery unfolds with a CLICK!

You may term it as telepathy, you may call it coincidence; yet there is a "curious connection" between this blog-post and my perception of online shopping.
I was trying to explain the utility of online shopping to my beloved grandma when she asked me this very interesting question.
"Beta, I am ready to accept the fact that online shopping grants me the privilege of convenience, speedy delivery, unlimited perks and discounts but tell me one thing, how do I KNOW about these perks? Will someone come and guide me on the same?"

"Come let me show you something"; I smiled as I turned to the computer.
It all started with an apparently in-consequent add-on that neither took space, nor attention as it stood quietly on the top-right hand corner of my browser, desolate and un-noticed. Apparently, it was my app-frenzy cousin's "misdeed" ; gosh he keeps adding those tool-bars and extensions to my chrome! 
Uhggh! All it does is to hinder my daily dose of net-surfing as those add-ons have exert a heavy toll on my browser speed. It's a mandatory Add-on clean-up when I decide to launch a full-fledged chat session late at night.

Somebody was watching me from the "TOP" I suppose because GENERALLY I lack the slightest bit of interest to check those chrome add-ons before discarding them. The CouponRani extension was a blissful exception.

It was a dizzy Sunday evening and it was just a matter of time when decided to take a stroll into the chat-world. All I need to do was to head over to the "Extensions" bar in chrome and mercilessly hit the "Remove" button when the "exuberance of youth" hindered my path. The "dude" in pursuit of his paper aero-plane bumped into my chair thereby displacing my mouse pointer. It was then that the accidental click unfolded the world of magic.

The dude was my youngest nephew, who, unknowingly did JUST enough to change my perception on the "little wonders". YES, the "Mis"-click landed on the power-house of "benediction", CouponRani's blissful creation.

It seemed to have un-furled a new "window" of interest primarily because of a two-fold aspect:
1. It apprises you of WHAT you'r entitled to and
2. It DIGS deep into a site without your manual intervention.

It is INDEED a blessing. All you need to do is to summon the "princess", and she'l un-wrap the mystery with open arms.
All you need to do is to head head over to Rani's dwell to excavate her real gift, the gift that would ease your journey into the world of online retail. 
All I would say is that, it neither takes a toll on your browsing speed nor your internet page view,as the discounts and coupon galore appear on a side-bar to any of your favorite shopping site. Currently the extension covers over 350 of the major online shopping hubs and it would be great to see it launch it's benevolence across every platform. 
I'd see CouponRani 's magic touch as the perfect bridge between all shop-alcoholic minds, those introspective minds which search for their source of inner peace. And what could be better than a bag-full of "delicacies" acquired with a light-weight wallet? I guess there's NO other option but to say "Roger that" ;)

P.S.- Someone was asking me whether the same would work well with IE; Of course it would, in the near future! I would love to see a BROWSER-INDEPENDENT ,WAP-enabled Version of Rani's magic wand, so that I could draw the benefits on the GO! If the extension works well on the mobile browser, it can script newer avenues of succor....

Savings on your mind? CouponRani Is all that you would FIND! As the symbolic representation of the extension personifies the better utility of money while fulfilling your intrinsic desire. Yes, we'r crazy shoppers! Right?

And make NO mistake, this realization has re-confirmed the fact that all the GREAT inventions have resulted from accidents. ;) So are you waiting for your turn?!

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Grandma was really really happy after this demonstration. I could see the sparkle in her eyes! Couponrani ki Jaai! ;)

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