Friday, January 25, 2013

The Commentator's Curse!

“It’s bright and sunny out here at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. 
The pitch looks perfectly dry with a green tinge on it; seems like a bowlers’ paradise out here. We are all set to witness an enthralling day of high-voltage cricket out here.”

“Sounds good alright, let’s do that again”; the senior media personnel shouted!
“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the MCG for the Grand Finale of the tournament that has already left a permanent mark on our cricketing minds. Yes, it’s the ultimate battle for glory; the Women’s World Cup Final, the trophy that signifies dominance that signifies pride........”

“What happened Sir, anything wrong?” – The creative director was flabbergasted! The shoot had just announced its glorious kick- off when this unprecedented interruption wrecked the crew.

She was stoned!
“We cannot go ahead with this footage; not gonna work at THIS level”; the grumpy camera-man had almost dismantled the accessories off his gigantic camera! The guy with the script followed suit. It was quite evident that something had gone terribly wrong!
She still had no clue; everything was going according to the plan, till this very moment, the moment that could change the course of her life.

There she stood, in her pale and dull self, contemplating the outcome of the irrefutable blunder. She’d denied a lucrative job offer just to explore the creative side in her and flew down to Australia for this “dream” project! Yet, there was no chance of wiping out the last few seconds of her life.

Trina, a gorgeous Bong had managed to defy the so-called realm of objective thinking or uni-directional enterprise and headed towards the goal that only a few could have dared to imagine. The love for adventure and passion for sport had driven her across the country in search of inner peace. She’d been an avid photographer, a wild-life virtuoso, a wonderful mimic, an RJ, a philanthropist and a BIG time cricket-fanatic; in short, Jack of all trades. It was just a matter of time that her reach would touch the sky; yet her wait was extended. The stakes were quite high.

“The All-India Woman-Commentator Hunt” proved to be her favourite hunting ground where she “outplayed” a strong contingency of over 500 Indians to emerge as the first Bengali commentator to travel to Australia for covering the Grand Finale of the Women’s Cricket World Cup; an achievement to boast upon.

And so, the gallant bong was all charged up for the BIG day; the day that was destined to turn out to be the RED letter day in her booming career, the career that had no upper limit to impose. Her confidence was sky-high; a job offer from the leading Consulting firm was as in consequent as ever. All her hopes and aspirations rested on the final shoot scheduled at the MCG; the breeding ground for cricketing legends. 22 Yards of grace, was just about to smile on her endurance.

The D Day arrived at pace and it started off on a flying tone. The script was grasped and represented like a piece of cake and the stage was set for the rise of a perfect counterpart; the one who would share a common platform with the likes of Ravi Shastri, Harsha Bhogle, the late Tony Grieg or Ian Chappel. *Goosebumps*!

The road had to be perilous; it had to test the best and distinguish “RAW” talent from the rest. However, the deterrent arrived in the most unfortunate form as ever.

Her “graceful intoxication” had just started to get the better of “their” instincts when the camera spotted something disgraceful, something ignominious, something undesirable. Dressed in a cream-blended overcoat and analogous footwear, Trina, in her boundless excitement had transgressed one of the prime aspects of “a glorious representation”. The gravity of the moment had seeped into her deeply; thereby switching off that diminutive  part of her brain that asserted “Come on Trina; add completeness to your semblance”!
Lamentably, her ever-charming confidence and fluency in speech couldn’t save the day; the team of directors gridlocked the shoot well before the match. It was all about the “perfection”, the “garnishing” that Trina fell well short of.

The focus shifted quickly as the cameras spotted the legendary Wasim Akram walking out of the dressing room and heading towards the pitch for his pre-match analysis!

She couldn’t move! She was supposed to accompany him right to the centre of the greens and to launch her array of analysis in association with the former left-arm quickie and cricketing expert! She was supposed extend a warm welcome to the viewers from across the globe on behalf of the Sports International; her voice to resound across the remotest of villages back in India; her appearance as a symbol of iconic charm! NOT TO BE!

Yes, her slightest bit of negligence had gutted it all. 
I wish I had opted for my hair removal; she murmured as she held her tears back with extremely difficulty. The stray spread of cilium had proved to be brutal.

So, do you want to land up in an identical scenario termed as the Commentator's curse? (Never-mind, I have used my bloggers license :P) I'm sure the answer would be NO! 
No worries, the Solution is precisely given below :)

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