Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Thank you, Vinod....."

Her tattered notepad did enough to convince us; she was indeed legendary. Her outlook, her psyche, her ethos and of course, her mode of expression was simply phenomenal. She was almost an "unsung hero" ... yes, I have deliberately used the masculine gender. Glad, we could dig the diary out of her stationary-rubble...here are a few excerpts...

December 1, 1973
8:30 PM

I think I have committed the biggest mistake of my life. He is a criminal after all, a rapist, a crook. How could I? I have been sent across by the Indian police to arrest him, and look at what I have done....?? Unpardonable sin.

December 15, 1973

Today is a very special day. He has confessed. And of course, I have decided to write a petition to the Indian Crime Bureau, an extenuation. We can take this forward. I will. I have seen him 'through my eyes' , he has a humanitarian touch.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Perfect Focus....

"I think 'that' is how I manage to ensure the perfect focus alright"- I professed.

We were pretty much in the mood alright; discussing on those "hidden angles", those cryptic modes of operation and of course, the post processing woes...the subject, being portrait shoot.

"Eww...you sure you specifically need to focus on 'them'? What about this shot? EXIF please?" - She looked disconcerted as she turned the laptop to view those shots.

"Are you sure, this is the way? Yeah I do understand that perhaps through the viewfinder, you are targeting those 'fringes'...but don't you think it's a very crude way of explaining?"- Yes, you got it right....she didn't find the 'logic' convincing enough. Women never do.

"Well, you have to set a pin pointed focus, right? That is why I find it very difficult to click a female portfolio, I have told this to anybody....but I honestly do :D" - I tried to sound plausible alright.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Coverage: BBC Good Food Master Class at the ITC Sonar Kolkata..

Alright, before I begin, let me ask you a very basic question...Who is actually a "foodie" according to you? Rather, what are the indicative measures? How do you actually figure out the 'inclination'? Well....if you are still thinking, let me pitch in. Invite them to an exclusive cookery workshop, just like the "BBC Good Food Master Class" and observe their irresolute expressions; I bet your can easily segregate them from the crowd. And guess what, when a bunch of 'culinarians' come together, one thing is for sure....there's something extraordinary in the making. This was no exception; the one to one correspondence between the 'culinary artists' & 'enthusiasts'...bridged the gap nevertheless and with the like-minded people around, a perfect home-coming.

BBC Good Food Master Class: The Legendary Build up
The main idea, that revolved around formulating a newer way of 'spawning' those renowned dishes with a Bengali touch, seemed to be tempting enough...and why not? It's all about customizing and 'remodeling' them to treat your near and dear ones.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Christmas Debacle....

Well, yes of course people have been telling me; ”Why nothing related to food, man?” …Ah sigh, I didn't really want to bring in the gourmet charm....BUT! Behold…Just when I had dropped the idea of writing another post, something extraordinary happened; and that my friend came out of NO WHERE.

Bengal, but then, had been gripped by the Christmas leg…. the reason why I use the term “leg”, well, we are ready to jump into these festivities (of any form) in full throttle …the “merry-making” meter has no threshold, what-so-ever.

Anyway, coming back to where I started…my uncle has a decent ownership in terms of maintaining a restaurant chain extending across Kolkata....."Multi-cuisine” is the tag that he portrays. Yes, that’s my beloved uncle indeed…. beloved because we often get treated for free; not that we are greeted cordially every-time…,who cares?

Monday, December 23, 2013

Celebrating the Glorious Essence of Friendship.....

Rats wrote this the other day : “Mere Campus Mein Hay Dum...Vande maataram!” You bet buddy :D

And this transformed into the tagline of our batch and why not? The hangouts have been the driving force for our developing minds. Ahem! Developing in diverse directions :P
IIT kharagpur, well, the name says it all. Students from across the globe are aware of the multifarious talent harvested by the IIT-ians in every aspect of LIFE.PERIOD! ;)

Be it innovation, be it development, be it “pure nautanki”, be it newer methods of approaching the opposite sex- IIT literally excels in everything. Yeah EVERYTHING!!
Our college campus was vast, to say the least and the canteens used to be the focus of our bona fide misdeeds and of course, sizzling activities. Be it quiz, be it debate, be it music, be it any other activity, our canteens and their mind-blowing food used to provide unblemished inspiration.

The best possible memory of our canteen? I could recall this incident back in 2007; we were gearing up to compete in the Robotics event of our World Famous Tech-Fest, Kshitij. We had never been so keen on our curriculum; the preparations for the event was FULL ON since a couple of weeks preceding Kshitij. The event by the way was extremely interesting; we had to device a robot which could move in any direction and lift an object of equivalent weight to the level of Head-height.

You people must be aware of the fact that participants from all over the world head over to IIT KGP every year at this point of time just for this magnanimous event; this meant danger for debut-ants like us. Extreme level of dedication, innovation in application and perseverance was on the cards; we were glad that after a  number of sleepless nights, our robot had finally managed to execute it's clamping functionality. The final trial was however, still pending.

It was a Monday, if I remember correctly when we were sitting at the canteen, incorporating some last moment modifications to our creation; Errr? It was actually just me who was struggling with the fending robot while my team-mates were *AS USUAL* engrossed in those hot chicks on the other side of the table ; they were sipping onto their favorite NESCAFE; enjoying every bit of the visual delight! I had given them a couple of dirty looks; but all in vain! They were already into their 5th cup of the morning, mesmerized at "their" beauty.

The Cranky Cranberry: An Autobiography......

"Damn you......you know I have mostly been on the receiving end....and it's not really amusing every time, my friend...

I have never protested against your iniquity, I have been a silent observer of sorts. But you have to understand this; life is too short to throw an empty bottle away. The essence of emptiness is a delusion; there's an embedded charm in desolation...there's an ingrained charisma in a vacuous anatomy- you can see a different world looking "through me".
Anyway, let's shove the emptiness aside because today is a big day....I am being 'analysed to the core'; every drop, every trace, every tickle, every infinitesimal morsel is being examined thoroughly...it is rather awkward you know!

I mean, consider the fact that you people have almost unflinchingly side-lined me for the major half of the party...yes I agree, there's quite a bit of communication gap, but then I should be complimented for my optimized dose of rhapsody, I do make a sizable impact. The point is, I do contribute a lot towards those proportionate willies...yeah of course, the "miniature" extent of alcohol content doesn't dent into your "zone", yet I do feel that I am grossly under-estimated. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Cranky Breezer Story v.2.0

The Cranky Breezer Story: That's what happened to me when I tried to interview this arrogant chap...
The Cranky Breezer Story: And as usual Mr Cranky Berry decided to do it all by himself....
* This post has been written as a part of the "Catch the Flavor Contest" sponsored by Bacardi Breezer in association with indiblogger , make sure you visit their official website for more fun and insights. Play the enthralling game out there and share your scores with me. FYI I am representing Team Cranberry in this EPIC battle of the bloggers. 

* This is my SECOND entry for the Catch the Flavor Contest, you can read my first entry "The Cranky Cranberry- An Autobiography" by clicking on the link.

The cartoons and illustrations have been created by me and shouldn't be copied or reproduced without permission...please click on the individual pictures for a better view of the text associated in the speech bubbles.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Santa for the Day...

The cartoons, illustrations and doodles used on this post are self created and should not be copied or represented in any form without permission. Please click on the respective images for better results & reading the brewed conversation. '

* This comic strip has been prepared to celebrate the essence of Christmas, just in response to Shopper Stop's hashtag #SantaForTheDayThey are celebrating the essence of Christmas with an amazing flat 25% discount at the Shoppers Stop outlets across India (except Chennai) and also on their official website. Merry Christmas everyone & Happy wala shopping.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Covering the Epic Yo Ga (Ga) Show....

Well yes of course…I know that a thin & sleek piece of shiny metal embedded in the pile of documents that you’re carrying right now has a touch of finesse attached to it…it is one of the latest technological revelations that not only caters perfectly to the aspect of motility, but forms an intrinsic aspect of your entire vestment. Yes, I know that the readers are too intelligent these days…the good old “Guess the personality” rules have almost like vanished, absconded for good it seems…but then before I actually dig deep into the main course, let’s enhance the appetite. I have a set of 10 questions for you to answer. Game? So here they go….

  1. Are you the one who believes that back pain is just another sophisticated disease?
  2. Are you the one who pays a good three thousand bucks to extend the laptop warranty?
  3. Are you the one who waits impatiently for “earning” the desktop control, cursing your son for that extra hour of social networking?
  4. Are you the one who rushes back from the workshop to the cabin just because the share-market’s going through a woeful turmoil?
  5. Are you the one who’s fed of fabricating excuses to the client just because you cannot switch on your laptop in a jam-packed public bus?
  6. Are you the one who searches frantically for the horoscope related updates in the daily newspaper?
  7. Are you the one who has given in to the “wife-would-always-control-the-remote” principle?
  8. Are you the one who waits at the doctor’s chamber, almost nonchalantly for hours?
  9. Are you the one who never makes use of the online payment option?
  10. Are you the one who creeps and peeps into the others’ gadgets, as if it’s something “out-of-the-mundane-limits”?

Yes of course, you can relate to some of these scenario’s….I bet you can…anyway…that’s all from my side with respect to this post is concerned, let us hear from the horse’s oops tab’s mouth. Mr. Yo ga (ga) Tablet, the stage is all yours. *Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hand together for the one and only..... Mr Straightforward, Yo Ga (ga) tablet...*

There "he" is, right at the centre stage..

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Concert...

"Jeez is that a boat cut?” – One thing is for sure…. she is completely charged up for the performance. Quite rightly so, her boy friend is supposed to perform live in a couple of hours time…first time on such a big platform; the wait did seem to be unendurable…. indeed.

“Whaaaaat!!! Boat cut?” – Someone in the crowd expressed his ribaldry, and I have to say that I was expecting this. I mean, how on earth could someone possess such a replenishing appetite of judging people through their characteristic hair-cut or the peculiar facial hairdo…it's just the exterior, isn’t it? …Trust me…I would gift you a fortune if you manage to remodel my girl friend’s perception & change her standpoint.

Alright, if you are still wondering…rather, searching for clues, trying to crawl back into the domain of “sense”…shoot yourselves right now; yeah…that’s how she greeted me, a good few years back, when we first met at the inter-department Western Band competition.
“Hey, you… yes you… come down RIGHT NOW…!”
- She broadcasted..... ”This kind of on-stage shabbiness, such a desecrated stubbly appearance is a visual torture”.

Rolling the camera backwards...that's the on stage trauma, that was a pathetic debut...

Thursday, December 12, 2013


“So when can I come down for the photo-shoot?” – I asked naively...
“What? What photo-shoot are you talking about?” – She looked rather astonished.
“Come on Riya, you know what I mean…”- I was taken aback by the reaction….” You know my inclination towards modeling…you know that right?”
“Eeeks…. you used to crack better PJ’s in college, Sammy…not anymore…chalo, catch you later buddy; got models waiting outside the studio….”- She broadcasted as she picked up that gigantic SLR lying beside her easy-chair. Yeah of course, Riya is now the biggest fashion photographer of the city…why should she care?

A friend in need is really…a friend indeed; who cares? I bet, no one in the world would have shot my portfolio…. my best pal had abandoned me.

Oh wait…this is not really a prospective Bollywood cataclysm my friend, I didn’t really give in. On the other hand, I tried my luck with a self-stitched effort called an attempted “selfie” Sounds cranky.. doesn’t it? Tell me if you could think of a better option.

Hey, did I send in a positive vibe already? Alright let’s roll back, and see what actually happened on my first selfie attempt…
“Dude, you think this is going to work? Especially with the prickly peevish stubble drawing away all the attention?”- My Ex stepped into the scenario to script an early termination of my first real “constructive move”.

WAIT WAIT!!! I think there was a hidden clue…. embedded right in her perennial cynicism, oh yes…it was there… she had unknowingly imparted a catalytic kick-start…enough to overcome my inertia of inveterate rest.

Yes, my friend,  a couple of weeks later Riya invited me for a photo-shoot…my clean shaved look (on the Facebook Display Picture) had bowled her over.

This is my fifth post as a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity (P.A.S.S.) in association with BlogAdda.

This post is a response to Anita's tag on her blog entry "Bollywood Stubble Songs for PASS" 

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Sigh...I know, this is turning out to be quite a dreary saga..…the cover of "curious cilium" has raged havoc to say the least.

Well, where do I start really.... I guess, I'm perfectly on the right track when I say that the essence of perennial love, as displayed by the invigilators has not been very gratifying. Consider the scenario: The annual history examination in progress...everyone's searching frantically for the hidden inspiration in the question paper itself; trying to play around with the invigilator's diligence.... trying their best to make use of the specially micro manuscripts, when the dreaded lady comes along and stations herself right beside your desk. Why me?

Well...now I have an answer. The repulsive encumbrance was scripted by a bunch of stubble-d stinkers crowding the examination hall.... and naturally the unwanted burst of veneration would be directed towards me, the obvious choice they would say. My clean shaved look had bowled her over- Prejudice of a clean shave. 

Okay..as the invigilator evinced her sustaining fondness for my trimmed felicity, I decided to use it as an added advantage in the final semester Viva Voce cum practical examination. But then, who would have known.....

"Sammy...you smell like a rotten egg.... damn"- She looked infuriated seeing my new look. 
*Yess!! She seems to be falling into the trap.... never knew that I was unknowingly promoting ammonia, that too in a Chemistry viva examination...* - It was all getting juiced up in my head.

The clamor broke my trance.... I could see her indignation; the dormant volcano was just about to erupt. "This is NOT the way of walking into a viva voce examination..."...She roared..."I hate that facial filth...do not show me that face again." Grade E it was.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I think it's time to turn the screws again…
To dig deep & unlock the torment…
The screws that plug in deep…
The screws that say feathers have been laid…
The screws that repulsion intertwine…
The screws that say the glimpse did matter….
The rest prospered & did “just” fine…

The screws that unwind to unpack…
The memories that fly…
The screws that unwind to unveil…
The charm of a clean shave from deep within!!
The screws that lean and reveal…
Cilium’s the culprit…the strip of evil. 

The gutter that threatened to erase….
The glorious signs of solving the maze….
They said, “You look intellectual that way”….
That’s why she went away?
A blind date that raised the brows…
Ended in carnage...and lured the crows.

The screws to unwind again…
To drag those curtains out of the way….
The washroom-wish that promised….
Was brutally murdered and com-promised.
The stinkers that did just fine….
Lady…I say it again…that wasn’t MINE!

The screws get tighter now with progressing time…
The “tempt” did enough…just enough to define…
The abhorrent redolence did it again….
The first attempt at “selling” went in vain.
The stubble ended my vending course…
Dear that dismissal was coarse…of course!!

I couldn’t run away…. in-fact I did….
I retraced and tracked down the breed.
The dreaded shaver cleared up the junk….
And luck unveiled out of the forbidden trunk….
My clean-shaven look had bowled her over….
I wasn’t screwed really, it wasn’t all over!!  

This is my sixth post as a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity (P.A.S.S.) in association with BlogAdda.

This post is a response to Biswa's tag on his blog entry "Oh My Stubble".

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Monday, December 9, 2013

The Golden Duck...

"Hey!! Is that the Indian style face-paint?" - The lady in baggy green catechized. 
"Yeah...the best quality ever"- I announced contemptuously.
"Sounds super cool ya...where do I get them in India?" - She looked mighty impressed. So was I, for a different reason though ;)
"Ah well, you can get it done at the Ripon street...authentic stuff that is..." - I decided to open the floodgates. This was my best chance.

"So, first time in India eh? Cricket fan?" - I asked hesitantly.
"Yes....." - She silently responded....*It was working* ...."From Perth, my first visit out here...huge fan of Brett Lee". I bet it was working...

We were sitting right at the top-most tier of the Club House...the best ever zone to watch cricket at the Eden Gardens and guess what I was already on a high...a different kind of high it was. Yeah mate...the Aussies were feeling the heat on the pitch, and I was feeling the pinch right inside my tummy. The "chemistry" was slowing showing up...the excitement level had shifted ends I guess. BUT.....

The crowd clamor broke my trance.... "Catch ittttt......" - The lady screeched...
*I had to*...Sehwag's powerful high-flier had transcended the boundary ropes with ease and was heading start towards our tier....I plunged to catch..as if to prove a point....BUT.....

What happened next was shocking to say the least...I missed the catch just by a fraction but landed straight on to her "cosy" lap. It could have been a glorious initiator....BUT...

The miffed shove ended my innings on a Golden Duck...her irascible voice still resounds in my ears, it haunts me deep within: "Get off me you stinking punk....RIGHT NOW..."...It was the dreadful stubble, she hated that unclean stubble..

Alright fellas: Trying to catch those big hits have often lead a number of accidents till date....

This is my third post as a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity (P.A.S.S.) in association with BlogAdda.

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Sunday, December 8, 2013


"Ah you?" ; she gave me a dirty look alright. She always does. But there was something very different in her tone today, something refreshingly different.
"Oh! Uncle's not at home? I'll come later" ; And I always do this....Yes, I try to run away. It's difficult I know...but then, she prefers it that way I guess. Modern day ladies. Sigh!
"No wait, come in..."- Did I hear it right? Can't be...I guess I have been plagued by auricular hallucination. 
But then I decided to take a chance....as if the vintage Yash Raj Films... "Palat...Palat...Palat" saga had transformed me into a believer. Believe me, it worked. She was standing right there at the door-step, her chortle didn't bear a characteristic glimmer of acrimony. That was astonishing indeed.

It all started about a month back when the match-making saga through Barbaadi.com managed to connect our families together; it was a general "parent-driven initiative"..pretty much superfluous you can say (though they claimed that this was the perfect age to get married). The lady (I must agree to this) was extremely pretty...and to quote my parents she was "Roope gune Saraswati" (Perfect in looks and endowment). 

Fair enough...off we went, our first real "escapade" and yes the "interview" session went pretty well...but the lady, my gut feeling said, didn't seem to be too impressed. Not that I'm a certain Desi George Clooney, but of course that doesn't strike me off, does it? Then why this serial ignorance?

"I hated your raunchy stubble, dude...I hated it from day 1...!!!" ; She explained sedately as I stepped closer...My clean shaven look had bowled her over.

*Goodness gracious me...it was all about that rugged look?* - I rubbed my cleanly-shaven chin in utter disbelief.

Barbaadi.com :- That's the moral of the story.. 
Illustration courtesy: http://www.bubblews.com/

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Fujifilm India- "Photograph of the Month- November 2013~ Food"

Alright, I have been talking about this since the last few months or so....make no mistake, the hunger quotient has increased manifold. They have managed to establish a "fancy nomenclature" called "Food blogger" or "Gourmet virtuoso", but then, the bottom-line is, we all love gorging don't we? Perhaps, the only difference is that I can repress my appetite for those initial few moments....yes, my camera takes control then. Everything else would feature as a mere carbon copy. This blog post is actually a homage to my lens for capturing such delectable shots..yes mate, you have been an intrinsic part of my life really. Thanks for gifting this moment...a moment that's gonna stay long enough; this award that reads like "Photograph of the Month- November 2013" presented by Team Fujifilm India is a perfect treat buddy, the highest accolade ever. I couldn't have asked for more.....

*This shot featured in a PAN India, Food Fiesta competition. To view the image in full resolution, you can click on this link 

It is a Small World.....

"Alright......so you are here now eh!!......."; The cold blooded creature on the other side of the table greeted me in style.

It is a really really small world....

And it comprises of such a circular path...the journey that begins on it's circumference might retrace it's path without postulates.

"Yes..." I hesitantly replied...."But how did you land up here? I thought it was a competit......".

I had to check the flow; the diabolical creature had already raised her hands, signalling me to halt. Yes, the vicious varmint...my Ex Boss, Mrs X.

"I hope you are aware of the fact that things come around in circles...especially in the Big 4 arena?!"- She exclaimed. Bosses do have a premonition syndrome...."You shouldn't have resigned"....and she continued.

"You know very well...why...."- Damn, I was interrupted midway once again. It was ridiculous really; we were never in a relationship after-all....

"No I don't...And I guess, you should be obliged that I persisted with you irrespective of the fact that you went into that big shot client review meeting with your so-called rock-star look, your rancid stubble sent in a negative vibe before the presentation actually began..."- She asserted, infuriated perhaps. But how does it really matter? I wasn't a part of the organization anymore; neither was she.

"Alright, I think I should leave....this interview's over I guess"- I was literally distraught at this paltry session of noxious reminiscence.

"WAIT! It's a new day...a new company...I think it's time to rebuild"- Now that was a surprise....."I can see from your guise, you look like a consultant now, you look 'neat'..", she professed.

"WHAT?" - It was a 440 Volt shocker.....Unbelievable!! My clean shaven look, actually bowled her over ?! ?! ?! ?! ?! ?!

These are the salient points: Yeah Yeah....whatever they mean....

* This is my first post as a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity (P.A.S.S.) in association with BlogAdda.

* I would like to tag 5 bloggers out here and invite them to express their view on the P.A.S.S. movement through their individual blog posts (post length 200-300 words). They are Anita , Shankar, Titas, Biswa and Karan . Guys, do let me know your views.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

*Raising the bat*: Celebrating My 100th Blog Post.....

Alright, since it's my 100th blog-post, I would like to share this with my readers. Since I love to "keep it short" ....I would like to dedicate this post to the spirit of originality because THAT, my friend, stands out in the crowd. It has been quite a journey this, and I know I have been "awkwardly imaginative", but then that's me. I have never followed the trend.....yes, I have stumbled on a number of occasions, yet, I have managed to make my presence felt.....just like this holy capsule. *Raises the bat*......Thanks to all my readers, your recommendations & criticism have done a world of good! The comments section is all yours. Cheers...

Photo of the Day: I would love to be the ODD one out, I would love to set the trend... Yes I mean it....

* Please click on the image to view it in high resolution. Follow me on instagram and flickr for more updates & snapshots.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Signature Premier presents Telegraph T2 - "Style and the City"

"Oh Dear! I had the impression that Kolkata's freezing already"- My fellow blogger looked flummoxed as we creep-ed into the Swissotel Banquet hall, Rajarhat.
"Dude, you wearing a sweater already?"- I gave him a dirty look alright.
"Man! You're not paying attention"; A miffed reply followed...
"Take your eyes off the view-finder for a second and look around."- He predicated.

Well, yes, he was right on the money....I had been deeply engrossed into the photo-hunting mood right from the on-set and I guess I'm not overstating when I say that there were plenty of inspirations hopping in from all sides...waiting to be "noticed" and arrested through my 50mm precision lens.

We had just about crossed the bar, when he clasped onto my fists and dragged me into the couturier's hub...the stage that was winding up to show-case the first ever "Fashion Book" cum "Fashion concord" highlighting the hidden chords embedded in the City of Joy...the style-centric idiosyncrasy, the veins and vogue. 

Yes, you guessed it right- we were RIGHT there at the Signature Premier presents Telegraph T2 "Style & the City" carnival, consecrating the essence of style and fashion in the city of unscripted joy. The majestic event that focused upon the launch of a propitious fashion coffee-table book, was perfectly garnished with the brilliant Spring and Summer Collection outfits being designed and displayed by the acclaimed designer Abhishek Dutta; the 'launch cum fashion show' that fascinated us to the core. It was all about the glam, awe, impression and glitz.

"Hello....come back to life buddy"- My trance was suddenly broken. My co-bloggers' craggy heave in synchronization with his choppy tone did dent hard into my trans-fixture.
"Dude, let's head out to the lawn ...it has already transformed into a Star-Studded affair..."- The celebrity hunting spree had got the better of him by then. The mood had already set in...the evening, my dear friend, was winding up perfectly....

And off we went.... right into the Swissotel's private galaxy...the galaxy that was NOT just star-studded, but it did manage to bridge the gap between the two. Everybody out there seemed to be perfectly in the mood, the quintessence of a glamour-venerated celebrations had extended it's roots deep within..the party mood was on. The ingrained charisma unfurled itself in full fury as the Friday night festivity gained the much-needed momentum..a generous dose of intoxication was the mobilizer.

"Hey, I think I saw the legendary virtuoso Subhaprasanna near the entrance" - My dear co-blogger was all juiced up...his excitement levels had already crossed the threshold.I could hear the "clicking sound"...enriching the paparazzo's collection.

"And I have spotted the beautiful Tolly star Koneenica Banerjee relishing her Blue Lagoon there...right in front of the Signature board" - I divulged; I had to test him alright..."Pick your photo-partner ASAP" ....yeah I now had a first hand idea of what celebrity hunting is all about. "Celebrity hunting"...quite a fancy term, isn't it..almost a dip into their "den"....

"Both"- His reply was quite predictable though...and off we went on a photo-hunt cum interaction spree with the cynosures who are "otherwise" inaccessible...this was perhaps the first time that we were seeing them from so close; yes, it was real...the "wall formed by the silver-screen" had been shattered of course. It turned out to be a glorious collaboration, really.

Big shots like choreographer & dancer Sudarshan Chakraborty, Tollywood actor Saheb Chatterjee, Tolly heart-throb Neha Panda, eminent footballer Jose Ramirez Barreto, Abhishek Dutta himself interacted freely...posed and chuckled away at the pointed camera's. It was quite an illustrious affair to say the least, we had the time of our lives.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the bar's gonna be temporarily closed for the next hour...."; the eyebrows dangled as the host announced....."Please take your seats....the Fashion show is just about to begin....!!!"  The moment had arrived....

The symbolic tocsin resounded through the lawn as the guests headed towards the Banquet Hall; to witness a ravishing display of innovation, style and of course a 'trend setting blend' stitched together with discernible proficiency and finesse.

"This is magical....jaw-dropping" - He predicated...this is time, I had to agree with my beloved co-blogger; what unfurled right in front of our eyes, was absolutely spectacular to say the least. Abhishek Dutta's phenomenal designs marked with their typical awkward strokes of artistry smirked with a pleasant dose of beaming vibrancy enchanted us...we "gawked" along...as if under the influence of necromancy, the burst of creative grandeur.

The show that kicked off with an 'appetizing' AV portraying the real definition of "fashion" as perceived through ones' eyes...rather the "Fashion centric point of view", portrayed through short interviews with the fashion-connoisseurs, found it's true manifestation through the perfect visual rendition conceptualized by the esteemed designer himself.

The stage looked impressive...the entire decor had an underlying accord with the event-scoop that highlighted on the latest trends in the city and people who have hit the groove perfectly. The entire set up, including the lights, reflected the touch of virtuosity.

The models, dressed in the signature zesty outfits, did manage to turn the heat on....their moves had that sense of entangled charm, the "virile reflections" transformed into a modern fairy tale. The conceptualization was 'polished'; the thunderous applause it generated was indeed a certificate of appreciation; a tribute to the ingenuity displayed on the ramp-floor, the adroitness, the mastery flaunted through the signature moves....it was an absolute treat. "Perfect"- Is the word.

"Show-stopperrr!! "- My endeared blogger friend stepped into the scene again. I was just about to wind up, re-plugging my lens-cap...when he rushed into the "photographers zone"...there was an un-characteristic spark in his eyes. I didn't have the time to react as the much-anticipated announcement reverberated across the jam-packed hall. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the gorgeous Parno Mittra...."; the host announced. And there she was....in her balletic self, creating "ripples" on the life-less stretches of glory....Parno was indeed the show-stopper. Her mere presence on the stage was a bliss, she was graceful, flamboyant and jubilant......much to the camera-man's delight.

The successful launch of the "fashion-central of the year:- "Style and the City" scripted the perfect "Happy Ending" to this memorable event that rejuvenated our frayed nerves on a tiring Friday evening. Kolkata was treated with a "sassy spectacle."

"Thank you for joining in ladies and gentlemen...the bar is now open..."- Declared the host as the curtains were drawn down....

"It's gonna be a good good night...."- I overheard, as the guests headed off to the lawn....True..Very True.! INDEED!

This event coverage has been scripted for Signature, Live in Style.."Get high with liveinstyle.com! The one stop destination for parties, fashion, glamour, food and more....
* You can view the complete instagram feed as captured live by the fellow blogger Shankar Bhattacharya right here . 

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