Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Curious Cilium!

Once upon a time,
A reaper went on to define...
The ethereal fine "line"!

With angles on her mind...
And bangles on her wrist,
The "ride" was going to be a real feast!

Coming straight to the point was not a fluke..
With a secluded rule in her book...
Yet she had to do it by hook or by crook.

The list came out in a flash..
And a galore of thoughts raged through...
When suddenly "this" rose out of the blue!

Center Shock was her ATTEMPT ONE,
But the direction went wrong...
Those "right-angled spikes" were fully on song!

When all was lost and the "smiles" grew wild,
A sudden burst of wind led to the reprise.
A "90 degree shift in pride" was all that caught our eyes! :D

And there she went with a newer zeal...
Driving on her chimera's wheel....
To bridge the gap between the Real and the Reel!

Pulling a truck with her hair was next on the list....
Oh man, this was gotta be a real feast!
The tensile stress was her vision,to say the least!

The attempt was futile,
But the purpose solved....
The beast didn't move, but the "pattern" evolved!

They laughed, they winked...
They trolled and they rolled...
The Mystery was YET to unfold!

The "Scrub" had it's defect...

Static was it's "charge"...

And glorious was it's effect :D

A Dizzy day on the drive,

The lessons to revive!...

Like a Bee back  to her hive!

"Tying a knot" to the nearest post...

Striving to achieve locks straightened enough to deserve a toast...
Yet not enough to merit boast!

On a mission up all Night,
Smoothening her curls with the "cork" was a bit too tight!
Fresh ideas surged through her mind, she was up for the fight! :)

Garnering two hits in a shot...
When you stoop in trance, it hurts a lot!
And your pattern arises out the "knot" !

With those bulky books ironing on her hair...
She was ALMOST there...
Suddenly the pile tumbled, she looked worse for wear!

*Damn, it was was too good to be true...
And with IDEAS cropping up out of the blue...
Why not try a FEW?*

Image courtesy - Google (Illustrative and doesn't cover the entire range of ideas ;))
Sadly I couldn't find an illustrative of the "Tikki"- tied -to -the - pole concept in order to prevent concentration lapse in studying (The Vidyasagar effect) :D ! CHEERS!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Are you looking at me?

Oh well, if you are, let me tell you, you won't have to look away ;)
It's said that a man is known by the company he keeps, dude, if you'r dressing sense is "decent" your company will follow "suit". Symbolic isn't it? Let's simplify the thought process then; nothing gaudy, nothing illustrious, yet your attire is extremely critical in representing your inner self. That is precisely how your inner grace expresses itself to the fullest.Garments,as a result have turned out to be the bridge or the medium of expression.
Fashion, to each has a different implication, to some it's all about the splendor and to some purely free-style. Some follow trends, other set the trend. Some wear for others', while the others believe in making a thumping statement.Some believe in tradition while others juxtapose contrasting styles to form their "personalized statement". If you ask for my opinion, I would say "Keep it Simple".

I remember one incident dating years back: We were celebrating Saraswati Puja in school and all the "kids" (Yes we were kids :D) were asked to dress up in traditional outfits in accordance to the "gravity" of the event. The latter was totally unknown though ;) 

But we had to follow the commands; what transpired out of the "dressing" trauma was something extremely pleasing. I, one of the most "pale" looking creatures in school, received the first REAL compliment of my life.
Sreya, the beautiful and charming "princess" came along on tip-toe and whispered in my ears "You should wear these clothes more often than not".
They call it a hypothetical "Chest expansion" in Bengali , and I call it "THE MOMENT"!
There was no looking back after that incident. And when I came across this very interesting activity brought along my Indiblogger, this was the first thing that struck my mind. Let's do it the simple way.

Coming back to my choice of attire in this festive season, I have tabbed to the "cinch" simple yet perfect look for the traditional carnival.

The festive season brings to us the most bright and colourful time of the year. It promises us to wash away the all the worries and tensions that we had for the whole year. Starting from the Dashera, Durga Puja to Dhanteras Diwali and finally bhai dooj our soul gets freed from all the bitter thoughts that we have reaped in our minds in all those tired, hazardous months. To go along with time and the life we all want to spice up our lives in our own way during the festivals.
Presenting "THE 
PENT'O'-STYLE QUOTIENTS" of my envisaged Celebration looks:- 

The Elegance Quotient (EQ):The crème coloured kurta set brought in my Manyavar is a typical ethnic one with a touch of 21st century style, this is INDEED the eastern flavor with a touch of elegance embedded in it!
You can access the same though this link Manyavar-Mens Long Sleeves Ethnic Kurta Pyjama Se

The Decorum Quotient (DQ): The maroon stole brings out the real dignity of the kurta set. it's like a complementary choice; the made-for-each other aspect finds it's true manifestation through this blistering creation, again by Manyavar. Che! They do know a lot about looks! 
You can access the same though this link - Manyavar Ethnicwear Stole

The Nadir Quotient (NQ): The shoes make it look just perfect. Seems like someone has hand-made this pair to sync perfectly with this attire. Any questions? Click the link to find out! 
You can access the same though this link - Manyavar Mens Ethnic Wear Jutis

The Garnish Quotient (GQ): The simple ring adds to the flavor of the festival with its hue of gold and the silver color maintains the male dignity.
You can access the same though this link -  Revv Ring

The Chrono Quotient (CQ): It goes without saying that would love to make the most of my time; the time that comes once, only once in a year! Having said that, I would love to bear "the characteristic signature" on my wrist; the signature that has been generated through my envisaged look! The mere sight of the "patron of time" would complete my appearance, because it is not just about a RAW painting, but the vanish that adds glaze to the complete piece of art. 
You can access the same though this link - Fossil - Unisex Watch

Yes I feel that dressing up is an ART because art is the extended arm of your imagination, the feast of inspiration for your muse. Art isn't just creativity, its a way of life.

To sum it up, let's cultivate the impression that my choice of apparel and accessories manages to generate on the eve of a festival of glowing adroitness.

Being an active sportsman and gamer throughout my student life, I always prefer a frisky aroma to encircle my ethnology. It's almost a "brand" that my University-mates have associated with me. They call me a gamer and hence my one and only choice: Adidas Pure Game EDT. This might be a perfect juxtaposition of my envisaged look; that's what I call Personalization.

HEY! Wait!!!

Are you guys planning to close your browser windows now?
Fellas, i am not finished yet!

They say, behind every successful and fashionable man, there's a hard-working and caring lady! Really? At least I do ;)

Presenting my choice of the Festival, the choice of apparel for my partner to justify the real implication of the expression "Complimenting each other perfectly".

It's said that the women are always ONE Step ahead of men in a number of occasions, and with due respect, I have allocated quite a number of improvisations to my partner's dream look.

Let's dig deep!

Colours have always been my perfect choice for being happy and when my partner presents herself in an expressive masquerade, the significance of the event increases manifold.  

The Grace Quotient (GQ): This festive season I would love my partner to express her inner beauty through this particular ensemble comprising of the beautiful brightly colour churidar set. The perfect combo and mix and match of yellow, pink and green would help to colour each and every sense of ours. 

"Foot"Work Quotient (FQ): The pair of sandals are just the perfect compliment for the entire attire that spells life. Somebody said that dazzling pair of shoes resolve most of our IS"SUES". Indeed ;)
Here lies my pick: - Haute Curry - Ladies Footwear

Carrier Quotient (CQ): The clutch adds to the oomph factor of the ensemble. 
Take a look at my selection: - Elliza Donatein Clutch

The Intrinsico Quotient (IQ): The accessories add the contemporary style factor to the traditional ensemble.
The 2 intrinsic components of a woman's attire:

Let's focus on the composite look that these "gems" generate:

The attire seems to suit Princess Jasmine from Aladdin isn't it? haha! It sure does! ;)

You can pick up any ornament from this bunch too ;)
Or here ;)

Don't blame me, because I love capturing colors! Not that my pocket's "colorful" though ;)

P.S. I haven't forgotten those "charming" accessories my dear & their respective brands ;)

Whoops! That's pretty much IT! Glad that I remember them all! :-P 

So, Ladies and Gentlemen: Please PUT your hands together for the "Couple of the Festive Season: Sammya and Sohini" ;) *THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE*

P.S.- My message to Shopper's Stop is that - You people have redefined my perspective of Style and Grace; keep carrying your good work!" All eyes on YOU! ;) "

One last intervention: They say that "I want this piece at ANY COST!" Must be either eccentric or passionate. The choice is yours ;)

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Signature Dining Experiences....

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food." - George Bernard Shaw 

And here you go.... you'll find plenty of inspiration here if you're a true foodie. All you need to do, is to shuffle all along, browse through the links and the rest would be "history".
Please CLICK on the individual links (inserted in the titles, or on the image associated with every short paragraph to view the entire post)

(“You don’t smell the wine…you NOSE it”….Sneha asserted with a smile….”Try nosing it first before you take a sip!” And we followed the connoisseur’s instructions obediently. We "nosed" it thoroughly before attempting a sip... Read More >> HERE)

(I took a leap to know…
They recommended me to go very slow..The aroma twirled my senses..... Read More >>  HERE )

(Thanks a ton ITC Sonar Bangla for the treat....You did treat the twitter contest winner well... Read More >>  HERE )

Post 4. The Kolkata Foodies' Meet- Burrpinalacious!

(The "foodie by conviction" showed us what HQ (Hunger Quotient) could be..he was about to swallow the entire Burrp! Poster before we came to the rescue. Read More >>  HERE)

Post 5.  The Extended Weekend Foodie Ramble ~ Flame & Grill, Kolkata 

(-Well, things appeared to be slightly tricky when the "Weekend & Holiday" price listing was unfurled...."Whom to select?"
There was a close call between Machan and Flame & Grill on the bustling “Eid”; Read More >>  HERE)

And the list goes on.and on and on and on....will keep updating the same as I post more on my dining experiences. Cheers!

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